IIASA Research Projects

Achieving true sustainability requires approaches that can link diverse dynamic systems, and IIASA research projects aim to just that. Multiscale, innovative, and interdisciplinary, IIASA projects span a wealth of topics from how to attain all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to the equitable governance of common goods.

Large-scale integrated projects supporting global transformations

The World in 2050

The World in 2050 (TWI2050) project is a partnership between science and policy that aims to develop equitable pathways to sustainable development within safe planetary boundaries in order to build human and environmental resilience to global change. More

Integrated Solutions for Water, Energy, and Land project

A new project, Integrated Solutions for Water, Energy, and Land, aims to identify integrated approaches to energy, water, food, and ecosystem security in selected regions of the world. More

Futures Initiatives

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The IIASA futures initiatives are cross-sectoral projects designed to explore plausible futures for a number of the world’s rapidly transitioning regions or resources. Current futures initiatives cover a spectrum of issues encompassing the Arctic, tropical regions, economic integration in Eurasia, and water management around the world. More

Cross-cutting projects

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Cross-cutting research at IIASA is implemented through a number of internally funded projects. These primarily methodology-focused projects represent unique and unaddressed research challenges that require integrated and interdisciplinary expertise and focus. These projects address not only cutting edge research questions, but, by drawing upon expertise from across the IIASA research programs, also promote greater collaboration and integration across the institute. More

Systems Analysis Forum exploratory projects

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The Systems Analysis Forum (SAF) facilitates and catalyzes methodological research at IIASA. These small-scale projects promote methodological advances that push the envelope of scientific excellence in systems analysis at an international level, introduce new approaches broadening IIASA’s systems-analysis capabilities, and/or innovatively demonstrate the applicability of promising methods to new targets. More

Research projects by programs

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Last edited: 26 September 2016


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