IIASA Research Projects

More than 200 scientists and other experts at IIASA work in partnerships with research institutions around the globe on scores of research projects, many of which are listed below.

Research projects by programs:

Futures Initiatives:

Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integration within a Wider European and Eurasian Space

This IIASA Futures Initiative deals with the complex issues of economic cooperation between countries of the Eurasian continent.  More

Arctic Futures Initiative

The Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) brings a systems analysis perspective to the future of the Arctic. More

Tropical Futures Initiative

IIASA’s Tropical Futures Initiative represents a novel approach to tackling tropical deforestation through policy assessment and capacity building. More

Water Futures and Solutions

The Water Futures and Solutions Initiative is a ground-breaking study into sustainable solutions to meet local, national, and global water challenges. It is looking for additional partners from the development, business, and scientific community. More

Global Energy Assessment

The Global Energy Assessment (GEA), launched in 2012, defines a new global energy policy agenda –  one that transforms the way society thinks about, uses, and delivers energy.  Involving specialists from a range of disciplines, industry groups, and policy areas, GEA research aims to facilitate equitable and sustainable energy services for all, in particular the two billion people who currently lack access to clean, modern energy. More

Cross-Cutting Projects:

The World in 2050

The World in 2050 (TWI 2050) project is a partnership between science and policy that aims to develop equitable pathways to sustainable development within safe planetary boundaries in order to build human and environmental resilience to global change. More

Nexus Solutions for Sustainability

A new project, Nexus Solutions for Sustainability, aims to identify integrated approaches to energy, water, food, and ecosystem security in selected regions of the world. More

Equitable Governance of Common Goods

In a “tragedy of the commons” individuals, acting according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the best interests of the wider group by depleting or degrading a common resource. The Equitable Governance of Common Goods project will help avoid such tragedies by improving the regulation of open resources. More

Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in Model Applications

Population diversity in terms of age, sex, education, and differences in income, behavior, and location can all influence human consumption patterns, and in turn the assessment of their environmental impacts. The Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in Model Applications (SCHEMA) project will investigate how these factors might affect patterns of global change. More

Shale Gas – A Possible Bridge toward Sustainable Energy Futures?

The Shale Gas project at IIASA examined whether shale gas could contribute to the transformation towards sustainability. Assessing the technological, economic, social, and environmental issues involved, the project conducted a systems analysis of future opportunities and barriers to incorporating shale gas into energy systems. More

Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics

The Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics project will examine how different types of systems, ranging from financial to ecological and beyond, are at risk of cascades of failures. As well as assessing this risk, this cross-cutting project will develop tools to help prevent such events. More

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Last edited: 29 October 2015

Research Partners

IIASA works with a wide range of research partners across the globe

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