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These feature articles outline how research by IIASA and its partners is helping to resolve some major global challenges. 


06 November 2016
An infinite number of futures

Options Magazine Winter 2016: Scientists at IIASA helped create a new toolbox for researchers to explore how humanity will respond and adapt to climate change—and potentially provide insight into sustainable development.  More

05 November 2016
Preventing tragedy with clumsy solutions

Options Magazine Winter 2016: Taking all we can get, as fast as we can get it, will end in tragedy for all—building resolutions based on all voices, as clumsy as that may be, might be our best hope.  More

04 November 2016
Our daily bread

Options Magazine Winter 2016: Planning for the future to ensure no one goes hungry.  More

04 November 2016
Informing action on a historic climate agreement

The Paris Agreement on climate change goes into effect today, but while the agreement set ambitious targets for tackling climate change, scientists say there is a long way to go to achieve it. Research suggests pathways to get the world on track.  More

03 November 2016
Metropolis rising

Options Magazine Winter 2016: Could cities drive a global transition towards sustainability?  More

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