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16 October 2017
45 years of risk research at IIASA

Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer started as a research assistant at IIASA in 1972 and today is the Director of the Risk and Resilience (RISK) Program and Dean of the YSSP. She shares her story as a risk researcher at IIASA over the last 45 years.  More

13 September 2017
2014 YSSPer Lukas Figge

Former YSSPer Lukas Figge will defendhis PhD Connectedness in Times of Ecological Overshoot: A quantitative analysis of the sustainability of globalization on 29 September at Maastricht University. Below he describes the importance of this work and the impact IIASA had.  More

11 September 2017
2014 YSSPer Miho Kamei

Miho Kamei is currently at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Japan and recently published on socioeconomic scenarios at the city scale for Tokyo. Below she describes the importance of this work and the impact of the YSSP.  More

07 September 2017
Alumnus Andreas Schäfer at IIASA

Prof. Andreas Schäfer gave an institute seminar on Transportation and climate change -- past trends and future prospects. This was his first visit at IIASA in 21 years. More details on his current research below.  More

13 July 2017
1994 YSSPer Andreas Zinggl

Andreas Zinggl is currently the Program Manager for Pakistan at Caritas, St. Pölten. He recently attended the YSSP 40th Anniversary Event, where he could reconnect with fellow 1994 YSSPers, and below he shares his YSSP experience.  More

10 July 2017
In Memory of Roderick Shaw

IIASA was saddened by the news of Roderick Shaw's passing on 1 June. He led the Transboundary Air Pollution Program from 1987-1992. Below Leen Hordijk, Matthias Jonas, and Sten Nilsson pay tribute to Rod Shaw's memory.  More

19 June 2017
2009 YSSPer Zoe Chafe

Zoe Chafe recently gave a seminar at IIASA on "Household heating with solid fuels (wood, coal, dung, etc): Implications for air pollution, health, and climate change." Below she describes her current work, its importance, and the impact the YSSP.  More

12 June 2017
2016 YSSPer Maria Xylia

Maria Xylia is currently a PhD candidate at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and continues collaborating with colleagues in the IIASAEcosystems Services and Management Program. Below she shares her YSSP experience from the aspect of a female researcher.  More

30 May 2017
2003 YSSPer Peter van Grinsven

Peter van Grinsven was in theProcesses of International Negotiation Program as a 2003 YSSPer. His experience following IIASA includes a Senior Policy Adviser role to now being the Director of Corporate Development at the Royal Schiphol Group. Below he describes how the YSSP impacted him professionally.  More

23 May 2017
2010 YSSPer Jessica Jewell

Jessica first came to IIASA in 2010 as a participant in the YSSP and returned in 2011 joining the IIASA Energy Program. Below she describes the impacts of the YSSP on her work on energy security, nuclear energy and the political economy of energy transitions.  More

23 May 2017
2012 YSSPer Firdos Khan Yousafzai

Congratulations to Firdos Khan Yousafzai on his recent publication:Improved hydrological projections and reservoir management in the Upper Indus Basin under the changing climate. Below he mentions the impact of the YSSP.  More

15 May 2017
1997 YSSPer Brian Fath

Brian Fath participated in the 1997 YSSP and today is the scientific coordinator of the program as well as a summer Research Scholar within the Advanced Systems Analysis Program. The YSSP impacted not only his career, read more about how it turned his life upside down below.  More

12 May 2017
Happy 90th Birthday to Cesare Marchetti

IIASA wishes Dr. Marchetti all the best on this special birthday!  More

09 May 2017
Former IIASA Director Arne Jernelöv publishes

Congratulations to Arne Jernelöv on his recent publication "The Long-Term Fate of Invasive Species: Aliens Forever orIntegrated Immigrants with Time?"  More

05 May 2017
IIASA collaborators elected to US National Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to IIASA collaborators Carl Folke and Arild Underdal for being elected as members of the US National Academy of Sciences.  More

11 April 2017
Congratulations to alumnus Janusz Kacprzyk

Prof. Kacprzyk was one of 14 recipients of an honorary doctorate from the Laapeenranta University of Technology in Finland for his work on sustainability, especially in water consumption and waste, decision-making, and big data in digitalisation.  More

10 April 2017
2006 YSSPer Sabine Fuss

Sabine Fuss works at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change in Berlin, Germany, but her first research position was with the IIASA Forestry Program. Below she describes her experiences at IIASA and how they have shaped her path and what she is working on today.  More

04 April 2017
In Memory of Oleg Fedorovich Vasiliev

IIASA was saddened by the news of Oleg F. Vasiliev's death on 7 March 2017.He led the Resources & Environment Area and was Deputy Director at IIASA from 1977-1981. Below alumni Jesse Ausubel and M. Bruce Beck pay tribute to his memory.  More

20 March 2017
1989 YSSPer David G. Victor

Below David Victor looks at how his 1989 YSSP experience impacted him.  More

09 March 2017
Alumnus Luis J. Castro on Migration and Urban Systems

Join Luis J. Castro at the "Migration and Urban Systems Engineering Analysis on the Mexico-USA Border" conference on Thursday, 9 March, at the Engineering Institute of the National University in Mexico City at 5 pm.  More

02 March 2017
The Power of Systems - a new book on IIASA

In The Power of Systems: How Policy Sciences Opened Up the Cold War World, Dr. Egle Rindzeviciute introduces readers to one of the best-kept secrets of the Cold War: the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.  More

19 February 2017
YSSP & Alumni Reception in Boston

IIASA alumni and former YSSPers are cordially invited to a reception at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University on Sunday,February 19th. We are looking forward to seeing those in the area!  More

13 February 2017
2013 YSSPer Talha Manzoor

2013 YSSPer Talha Manzoor describes below how the YSSP enabled him to pursue his current work and the impact it had on his research.  More

09 February 2017
In Memory of Agneta (Silfver) Newton

IIASA was saddened by the news of Agneta (Silfver) Newton's death on 2 February 2017. Below alumna Ruth Steiner pays tribute to Silfver's memory with personal reflections following from Roger and Carla Levien, Monica de Janosi, and Sebouh Baghdoyan.  More

11 January 2017
Recent publication by 2013 YSSPer Emilio L. Cano

Emilio L. Cano recently published a paper in Springer's TOP journal and began a new position at the University of Castilla-La Mancha as Assistant Professor. Below he describes the impact the Young Scientist Summer Program (YSSP) had on these achievements.  More

16 December 2016
Aviott John in Tamil Nadu, India

In his retirement Aviott John, the former chief librarian at IIASA, joined a project to develop a sustainable school in a village in Tamil Nadu. Below he gives an update on this project.  More

05 December 2016
2005 YSSPer Mari Myllymäki receives key project funding from the Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland granted funding to 101 research projects under the key project funding scheme "Forging ahead with Research." Below Mari describes her research project that recently received this funding.  More

30 November 2016
Alumnus Janusz Kacprzyk recognized in the field of Computational Intelligence

Prof. Kacprzyk received the 2016 Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Computational Intelligence by theInternational Neural Network Society, Indian Chapter as well as an honorary doctorate at Obuda University in Budapest, Hungary.  More

23 November 2016
Mapping Climate Justice by Julia M. Puaschunder

2016 YSSP Alumna describes below a new project at the New School in cooperation with the Parsons School of Design and the Harvard Law School, which was influenced by her YSSP experience.  More

22 November 2016
Vernissage "BEGEGNUNG"

IIASA alumna Dr. Isolde Prommer extends an invitation to a vernissage featuring her artwork on 10 December 2016 at 6 pm at Galerie ARTOPIA in Vienna.  More

21 November 2016
The Memoirs of C.S. Buzz Holling

Former IIASA Director Dr. Crawford Stanley Buzz Holling recently published his memoir, Bubbles and Spirals.  More

08 November 2016
Detlof von Winterfeldt appointed J.A. Tiberti Chair in Ethics and Decision Making

Congratulations to former IIASA Director Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt for his recent appointment recognizing his exceptional distinction as a faculty memberin the University of Southern California.  More

07 November 2016
Ralph J. Cicerone 1943-2016

It is with great sadness and respect that IIASA marks the death of Professor Ralph J. Cicerone, president emeritus of the National Academy of Sciences, who passed away on the 5th of November.  More

31 October 2016
Carlos Nobre receives 2016 Volvo Environment Prize

Congratulations to former IIASA Council Member Prof. Carlos Nobre. His pioneering efforts in the understanding and protection of the Amazon are honored by the Volvo Environment Prize.  More

25 October 2016
In celebration of IIASA's 44th Birthday

This October, IIASA celebrated it's 44th Birthday. For this occasion, quotes from the first IIASA Conference held in May 1976, in honor of the Institute's 3rd Birthday, are featured.  More

17 October 2016
Howard Raiffa Memorial Service

The Harvard Kennedy School held a memorial service in honor of Howard Raiffa on Monday evening, 17 October 2016.  More

17 October 2016
Alumnus Howard Kunreuther held seminar at IIASA

Howard Kunreuther, former Director of IIASA’s RISK program from 1980-1982, spoke at IIASA on"Adaptation to Extreme Climate Events: Challenges and Opportunities." A video of the lecture may be found below.  More

14 October 2016
Recent Publication by 2014-2015 SA-YSSPer Serge Kubanza

Nzalalemba Serge Kubanza recently co-authored a paper exploring the concept of environmental justice in solid waste management in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo.  More

10 October 2016
Impressions from the international conference in memory of Arkady Kryazhimskii

The Systems Analysis: Modeling and Control conference was held from the 03 - 08 October, in memory of Arkady Kryazhimskii. Below participants share their impressions from this memorable event.  More

19 September 2016
2016 YSSPer Yue Qin's Summer Experience

Yue Qin traveled from Princeton to spend this past summer at IIASA to work on environmental implications of China's natural gas policies. Below she shares her YSSP experience.  More

08 September 2016
Andrew Johnson new Director of the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia

IIASA congratulates our former IIASA Council Member on his recent appointment with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.  More

05 August 2016
In Memory of Howard Raiffa

Detlof von Winterfeldt pays tribute to Howard Raiffa's memory, not only for his tremendous accomplishments but also the person. Personal reflections follow further enriching the story from Roger Levien, Tibor Vasko, Martha Wohlwendt, Ruth Steiner, Ralph Keeney, and Judith Raiffa.  More

01 July 2016
Economic Symposium: The Economy In Search Of A New Enlightenment

IIASA Alumnus Christoph Schneider invites alumni to an economic symposium on 30 August - 01 September at the European Forum Alpbach 2016.  More

22 June 2016
Recent Publication by 2009 YSSPer Zachary Brown

Zachary Brown recently co-authored a paper published in Ecological Economics studying the links between urban development patterns and individual well-being.  More

15 June 2016
Alumnus Tuncer Ören is recognized as a 2016 SCS Fellow

The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS) recognizes Dr.Ören, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Ottawa.  More

14 June 2016
Robert M. White Memorial Symposium

The US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) is hosting a symposium in honor of Robert M. White on Tuesday afternoon, June 14th, in Washington, DC, in which alumnus Jesse Ausubel will participate as one of the moderators.  More

10 June 2016
2011 YSSPer begins her postdoctoral career at IIASA

Anastasia Emelyanova’s involvement with IIASA transformed from three months during the YSSP to joining the World Population Program for joint work with the Arctic Futures Initiativeas a Research Scholar. Below she describes this journey and her current work on Arctic populations.  More

19 May 2016
Simon Levin received National Medal of Science at White House Ceremony

President Obama awarded Simon Levinthe U.S. National Medal of Science—the nation’s highest honor for achievement and leadership in science.  More

18 May 2016
Alumnus elected to US National Academy of Sciences

Geoffrey M. Heal, currently the Donald C. Waite Professor of Social Enterprise at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, has been elected as a member of the US National Academy of Sciences.  More

04 May 2016
Alumnus Donald Costello back at IIASA

Professor Donald F. Costello returns to IIASA to speak about "Applied Systems Support for Distributed Data Driven Analysis." Below he describes his current collaboration with the Advanced Systems Analysis Program.  More

03 May 2016
1994 YSSPer Abdel-Hamid El-Kassas President of the Institute of National Planning in Cairo

During the IIASA Director General and CEO Prof. Dr. Pavel Kabat official visit to Egypt, he met with IIASA Alumnus Prof. Abdel-Hamid El-Kassas who is now the President of the Institute of National Planning in Cairo.  More

02 May 2016
Alumnus Luis Castro revisits migration models 40 years later

Luis J. Castro returned to IIASA in February and March to re-visit the models he worked on at IIASA from 1977-1982. Below he shares with us his professional experience over the last 40 years.  More

28 April 2016
Aviott John brings alumni together in Vienna

IIASA's former Chief Librarian Aviott John held a book reading on Thursday, 21 April, bringing alumni together in Vienna.  More

25 April 2016
2013 YSSPer Ville-Veikko Paunu back at IIASA

Ville-Veikko Paunu's relationship with IIASA spans far beyond the three months of YSSP. Read more about his current research on the Arctic.  More

18 April 2016
Former YSSPers come together in China

A Public Lecture by IIASA's Director General and CEO Pavel Kabat at Peking University brought together former YSSPers and their former supervisors.  More

12 April 2016
1993 YSSPer Katrina Korfmacher back at IIASA

Dr. Korfmacher recently visited her YSSP supervisor from 23 years ago and presented her current research to the RISK Program.  More

04 April 2016
Alumni impressions from The World in 2050: second workshop

Three alumni were among the 68 participants of The World in 2050: second workshop that took place at IIASA on 7-9 March 2016.  More

16 March 2016
Alumnus Jesse Ausubel served as science advisor on new nature documentary

The new Jacques Perrin/Galatee film, The Seasons, opened in French theaters this past January and is now showing in Austria and Germany.  More

29 February 2016
Reflections from Washington, DC

During the recent AAAS Conference, IIASA hosted a symposium and reception, a conference session, and three 2015 YSSPers presented posters. The video from the symposium is now available, and YSSPerFranziska Gaupp tells us about the experience.  More

22 February 2016
Alumnus Janusz Kacprzyk elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

within Class 6 - the Technical and Environmental Sciences  More

11 February 2016
IIASA Symposium & Alumni Reception in Washington, D.C.

IIASA alumni are cordially invited to a symposium and reception in Washington, DC during the AAAS Conference on Thursday, February 11, 2016, at 1:00 pm.  More

18 January 2016
Awards support the next generation of systems analysis researchers

Expanded awards for young scientists will enable a growing number of outstanding researchers to conduct research at IIASA.  More

10 December 2015
Ralph Keeney at Systems Analysis Conference 2015

IIASA’s Systems Analysis Conference 2015 was in honor of Howard Raiffa, with one session dedicated to Howard’s work and vision for the future of systems analysis. The following is based on an interview with Ralph, who together with Detlof, visited Howard to record Howard’s welcoming message on video.  More

03 December 2015
IIASA Alumnus Farid Karimi's recent publication

"Understanding experts’ views and risk perceptions on carbon capture and storage in three European countries" has recently been published based on Farid's work during his 2014 YSSP.  More

12 November 2015
Book Reading by Aviott John

We're proud to announce that IIASA's former chief librarian Aviott John has re-published his novel 'Sudarshan's Gift'. Join us for a book reading and refreshments in IIASA's Library at 1:15 pm on 12 November.  More

11 November 2015
Alumni Participation in Systems Analysis 2015

It was great seeing so many familiar faces at the Systems Analysis Conference 2015 in honor of Howard Raiffa. For those of you who couldn't make it, check out fellow alumni presentations.  More

05 November 2015
Aging Society: Effects on work, health and pensions

IIASA Alumnus Christoph Schneider invites alumni to a discussion at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on 5 November.  More

03 November 2015
Alumnus Petr Aven receives Woodrow Wilson Award

The Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute presents the Woodrow Wilson Award to Petr Aven in recognition of his contributions to corporate service related to United States of America and Russia relations.  More

08 June 2015
One million dollars donated to IIASA to fund post-doctoral scholars

IIASA announces the success of its one million dollar fundraising campaign to support a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute in honor of former IIASA Director Peter Engel de Jánosi.  More

23 April 2015
William Nordhaus to receive the 2015 Thomas C. Schelling Award

The Thomas C. Schelling Award, bestowed annually to an individual whose remarkable intellectual work has had a transformative impact on public policy, named after the recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Economics, IIASA Endowment Fund donor and alumnus, Prof. Thomas Schelling is returning to the IIASA family this year!  More

18 December 2014
Young scientists win Ukrainian presidential award

Four young scientists have won an award from the Ukrainian president for their forest and land use research in collaboration with IIASA.  More

23 October 2014
The Bubble Economy by Robert U. Ayres

Prof. Robert U. Ayres, a former IIASA scholar describes the roots of our bubble economy, the role of energy in the economy, climate change and the failures of austerity.  More

25 April 2014
IIASA Alumnus Eric Wood wins EGU Wegener medal

The European Geophysical Union will award the 2014 Alfred Wegener Medal to Prof. Eric F. Wood for his pioneering contributions to hydrology and to its interactions with meteorology and climate change. From 1 March 1974 to 31 August 1976 Prof. Wood was a Research Scholar, Water Project (WAT) at IIASA.  More

20 March 2014
IIASA Seminar by Karl Sigmund

IIASA Alumni are cordially invited to the next IIASA seminar on Thursday, 20 March.  More

20 March 2014
A growing role for young scientists at IIASA

Additional opportunities in IIASA’s post-doctoral fellowship program and Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) will give more young scientists the chance to conduct research at the Institute.  More

19 February 2014
IIASA Blog: IIASA Employee Number 1

Recent blog post by Martha Wohlwendt  More

12 February 2014
Alumnus Petr Aven meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin

to discuss the current situation in the banking sector as well as Alfa Bank's activities.  More

05 February 2014
Alumnus Sten Nilsson at PaperWeek Canada

IIASA Alumnus Sten Nilsson gave a Keynote address at the PaperWeek Conference last week.  More

24 January 2014
Happy 90th Birthday to Howard Raiffa

The IIASA Alumni Association is sending best wishes to Prof. Howard Raiffa for his 90th birthday!  More

23 December 2013
Philip Aspden, 1945-2013

IIASA is saddened to hear about the passing of alumnus Philip Aspden.  More

11 December 2013
The 2013/14 Annual Fund Campaign has launched

Thank you to those who already have shown their support! Your gift can make a difference to the future of an exceptional young scientist from a developing country.  More

10 December 2013
Nebojsa Nakicenovic joins Nobel Week Dialogue

IIASA Deputy Director Nebojsa Nakicenovic joins the Nobel Week Dialogue on 10 December, which this year focuses on the future of Earth's energy systems and how to kick our dependence on fossil fuels.  More

24 October 2013
IIASA Gallery's October vernissage

Join IIASA staff and local visitors for the last IIASA gallery vernissage of the year.  More

08 October 2013
The Magic of Laxenburg

The English version of this documentary has been released with the translation provided by Aviott John.  More

01 October 2013
YSSP participant wins IPCC fellowship

2012 YSSP participant Pheakkdey Nguon has won a fellowship from the IPCC to fund his research on REDD+ in Cambodia. He accepted the award yesterday from Prince Albert II of Monaco.  More

01 October 2013
Wolfgang Lutz at the Workshop on Sustainability Science

Wolfgang Lutz at the National Academy of Sciences workshop "Sustainability Science: Can Earth’s and Society’s Systems Meet the Needs of 10 Billion People?"  More

07 September 2013
Robert Edward Munn, 1919-2013

IIASA was saddened by the news of Robert E. (Ted) Munn's death on 7 September 2013 at the age of 94.  More

23 August 2013
Aviott John's book Sudarshan's Gift

has been re-issued as a Kindle and iTunes book edition  More

16 July 2013
IIASA's newly appointed Alumni Advisory Board

Martha Wohlwendt,Fredy Jäger, and Alan McDonald appointed to IIASA's Alumni Board.  More

10 June 2013
Poland recognizes Norman Neureiter

IIASA board of trustees chairman Norman Neuriter has been honored by the President of Poland for his achievements in connecting Polish and American science.  More

17 May 2012
IIASA Researcher speaking at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

IIASA researcher, Dr. Anthony Patt, will give a talk on "Water and the Developing World" at the The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Falmouth, Mass. on May 17th.  More

08 May 2012
IIASA Alumnus receives Major International Award for Mathematical Demography

Anatoliy I. Yashin, Scientific Director of the DuPRI Center for Population Health and Aging, received the Mindel C. Sheps Award on May 4, 2012, in San Francisco for his contributions to the methodological foundations of demography. This is one of the most prestigious international awards in demography.  More

04 April 2012
IIASA Researcher writes on "Making Rio+20 a Success"

Article by IIASA Scholar Morgan Bazilian along with Alan Miller and Daniel M. Kammen  More

28 March 2012
IIASA Trustee apart of AAAS delegation to the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea

Norman P. Neureiter, Chairman of IIASA's Endowment Fund Board of Trustees and senior adviser to the AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy, speaks at an international seminar on Forest and Landscape Restoration held at the People's Palace of Culture.  More

15 March 2012
IIASA Researcher at the World Water Forum

David Wiberg speaks at the World Water Forum held in Marseille, France  More

12 March 2012
"The Fertility Implosion" by David Brooks in the NY Times

IIASA's World Population Program is referenced by David Brooks in his NY Times Column  More

07 March 2012
Alumni at the RESCUE launch event in Brussels

Former IIASA Director Leen Hordijk and IIASA alumnae Jill Jäger speak about the RESCUE Synthesis Report  More

05 March 2012
Howard Raiffa's Autobiography

Howard Raiffa, IIASA's first Director, recently published his autobiography, Memoir:AnalyticalRoots of a Decision Scientist.  More

03 March 2012
Detlof von Winterfeldt talks on “The Future of Nuclear Power in the United States”

The 2012 presidential candidates aren’t likely to mention nuclear power during their campaigns, according to IIASA's former Director and current professor at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.  More

11 February 2012
Alumni meet in Toronto, Canada

Meinhard Breiling visits Robert Munn  More

03 February 2012
Announcement of the Death of Linda Kneucker

We are saddened to inform you that Linda Kneucker, Honorary Secretary of the IIASA Society, passed away on Monday, 23 January 2012.  More

02 January 2012
IIASA Alumni Association

The IIASA Society transitions into the Institute forming the IIASA Alumni Association.  More

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