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15 October 2018
2017 YSSPer Olugbemisola Samuel

The research Olugbemisola Samuel worked on during the 2017 YSSP was recently published in the Journal of African Population Studies. Read more about her current work and the impact of the YSSP.  More

08 October 2018
IIASA alumnus William D. Nordhaus receives Nobel Prize

William D. Nordhaus received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis. Hislongstanding association with IIASA is closely bound to the issues the Nobel Committee cites in the award.  More

25 September 2018
Yuquan W. Zhang wins Youth Program Grant

Dr. Yuquan W. Zhang, IIASA alumnus and generous supporter of the YSSP Fund, won a prestigious Youth Program grant of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.  More

18 September 2018
Prof. Detlof von Winterfeldt

Prof. Detlof von Winterfeldt was IIASA Director form 2009-2012 and recently gave an institute seminar on "Risk and Decision Analysis to Improve Homeland Security."  More

13 September 2018
Marina Fischer-Kowalski awarded Society Prize

Prof. Dr. Marina Fischer-Kowalski, IIASA collaborator and committed supporter of the YSSP Fund, was awarded the biannual prize of the International Society for Industrial Ecology.  More

11 September 2018
Alumnus Tuncer Ören

IIASA alumnus Prof. Dr.Ören was recently honoured with the Golden Award of Excellence and received the SCS McLeod Founder's Award last year.  More

10 September 2018
Michel Grenon, 1928-2018

Michel Grenon, Research Scholar and leader of the Resources Group within the IIASA Energy Program and the Resources and Environment Area from 1974 to 1981, passed away in Paris, France on August 15, 2018 shortly before his 90th birthday. He is now united with his beloved wife Catherine, who passed away in 2002.  More

13 August 2018
Alumnus Les Mayhew

"Urban Hospital Location" by Professor Les Mayhew is being republished on the 70th Anniversary of the UK's National Health Service.  More

06 August 2018
Alumna Diana Ürge-Vorsatz visits the IIASA Women in Science Club

Alumna Prof. Dr. DianaÜrge-Vorsatz recently gave a lecture to the IIASA Women in Science Club on"Disruptive urban energy solutions and their interactions with other societal goals."  More

16 July 2018
2007 YSSPer Sepo Hachigonta

Dr. Sepo Hachigonta tells us about his journey after the 2007 Young Scientist Summer Program (YSSP), which led him to the National Research Foundation in South Africa.  More

28 June 2018
Alumnus Dennis L. Meadows

Congratulations to Dr. Dennis L. Meadows on recently being inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO and recently publishing The Climate Change Playbook.  More

13 June 2018
Alumnus Andrei Rogers Publishes Memoir

Andrei Rogers, former head of the Human Settlement and Services Program at IIASA, recently published his memoir on his life in the United States and abroad.  More

05 June 2018
Recent Publication by Jan Sendzimir

IIASA RISK Guest Research Scholar Jan Sendzimir and Prof. Stefan Schmutz, Head of theInstitute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management at BOKU, recently published "Riverine Ecosystem Management: Science for Governing Towards a Sustainable Future."  More

27 April 2018
Fifth Mindel Sheps Award to current and former IIASA demographers

Former World Population Program LeaderAndrei Rogers was awarded the 2018 Mindel Sheps Award at the Population Association of America meeting.  More

20 April 2018
2017 YSSPer Nemi Vora

Nemi Vora is a PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She recently received the runner up prize at the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Pitt Competition. Below she describes how she approached communicating her research to a general audience.  More

16 April 2018
Professor Emeritus Uri Shamir

Prof. Shamir is a member of the Israeli Committee for IIASA; though his relationship with IIASA began while Howard Raiffa was Director. Shamir visited the institute on 11 April, and below he shares his IIASA story.  More

09 April 2018
In memory of Francis Bator, 1925-2018

Former US NMO secretary and IIASA alumnus Alan McDonald honors the memory of Professor Francis Bator, who passed on 15 March and was instrumental in the creation of IIASA during his role as the deputy national security advisor to President Lyndon Johnson and in transition of US membership in 1982.  More

05 April 2018
2012 YSSPer Ali Kharrazi

Dr. Ali Kharrazi recently led a two-week study abroad program from The University of Tokyo in Vienna with a two-day workshop at IIASA. Below he describes his program, the workshop and how the YSSP inspired his research.  More

29 March 2018
2016 YSSPer Mingshu Wang

Mingshu Wang is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Geography, University of Georgia, USA. He recently first-authored a paper in Journal of Urban Planning and Development exploring the relationship between urban forms and carbon emissions in 104 Chinese cities.  More

22 March 2018
IIASA Advancing Science Diplomacy

The Alumni Association is introducing new staff at IIASA to the alumni community. This editorial on IIASA at this year's AAAS Annual Meeting is by Jan Marco Müller, who is Head of the Directorate Office and Coordinator for Science to Policy and Science Diplomacy since 2017.  More

14 March 2018
2016 YSSPer Lu Liu

Lu Liu recently first-authored a paper published in Environmental Research Letters studying the potential of large-scale reservoirs to provide reliable surface water yields while also considering environmental flows within 235 of the world’s largest river basins.  More

05 March 2018
History of IIASAnet and IIASA Gateway, 1973-1991

IIASA alumnus and donor Dr. István Sebestyén presents on the first permanent computer network connections for science and research between East and West – during and after the Cold War era and 10 years before the Internet.  More

13 February 2018
In Memory of Barbara Lübkert - Alcamo

IIASA was saddened by the news of Barbara Lübkert - Alcamo's death on 13 February 2018. Below colleague Maximilian Posch and Leen Hordijk pay tribute to Barbara's memory with personal reflections.  More

08 February 2018
2014 YSSPer Edoardo Borgomeo

Edoardo Borgomeo co-led the recent World Bank publication Beyond Scarcity: Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa. Below he shares what the study shows and how the YSSP contributed to his professional growth.  More

06 February 2018
Congratulations to alumnus Janusz Kacprzyk

Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk has been elected as a foreign member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters(Societas Scientiarum Fennica), which was founded in 1838 and the oldest Finnish Academy of Sciences.  More

18 January 2018
Life After IIASA, 1975-2013: Five years on

IIASA alumnus Aviott John writes about his life after IIASA, which has lead him to new initiatives and a question to the IIASA alumni community.  More

18 January 2018
Professor Ishfaq Ahmad 1930-2018

It is with profound sadness that IIASA marks the death of Professor Ishfaq Ahmad on 18 January. As a former IIASA Council member, former President of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and former Advisor to the Prime Minister, he was a great supporter of IIASA.  More

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