Anne Goujon on education and crime in South Africa


    Prominent world leaders and celebrities are endorsing the Earth League’s recent statement on climate change


    As Goodwill Ambassador, the Vienna Philharmonic helps raise awareness for IIASA's work


    The conference explored the current state and future directions of systems analysis - videos and photos available


    Climate change: Delaying mitigation makes adaptation inevitable and more challenging

Building bridges between science

and policy, Robbert Dijkgraaf

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20 November 2015

Greater potential for transport in climate mitigation

The transport sector has the potential to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases in half by 2050, according to new analysis from researchers at IIASA and other institutions. More

19 November 2015

Monitoring food security with mobile phones

With a mobile data collection app and satellite data, scientists may be able to project whether a certain region is vulnerable to food shortages and malnutrition. The method has now been tested in the Central African Republic. More

13 November 2015

Network analysis shows systemic risk in mineral markets

A shortage of a rare mineral could spur global market instabilities, according to a new analysis of international commodity trade networks. More

9 November 2015

World Bank Report: Climate, development and poverty

IIASA research conducted for a new World Bank report shows the key role of agriculture and forestry in addressing the interlinked challenges of climate change and poverty. More

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