World Population Program

Human population trends are a key factor in sustainable development. We study and project how the changing composition of population matters for social, economic and the environmental change and how human health and well-being are being affected. 

© Martin Applegate | Dreamstime

© Martin Applegate | Dreamstime

Human population matters for sustainable development in two important ways. First, it is an agent of change, bringing about many of the environmental, economic, and social changes that continually challenge the sustainability of our current development paths. Second, the human population and its living conditions are the ultimate objects of development, with long-term human survival, health and well-being serving as criteria for judging whether or not development is sustainable.

Latest news

17 June 2014
Multimedia: Demographic Differential Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation

Watch the presentations and discussions from the joint Wittgenstein Centre/IUSSP International Seminar in Kao Lak.  More

Upcoming event

01 Dec 2015
Demography that matters

Raya Muttarak was invited to discuss the contribution of population and human capital studies to sustainable development... More

Latest publication

Steiber N, Berghammer C, Haas B (2015)

Contextualizing the education effect on women's employment: a cross-national comparative analysis

Journal of Marriage and Family, Article in press (Published online 19 October 2015) More

Research projects

Ageing Trajectories of Health: Opportunities and Synergies

Forecasting Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change

Human Capital and Economic Performance

Population Dynamics and Global Human Capital

Reassessing Aging from a Population Perspective

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World Population

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World Population

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