Overview of Research at IIASA

IIASA uses advanced systems analysis to conduct policy-oriented research into the most pressing areas of global change  –  energy and climate change, food and water, poverty and equity  – and their main drivers 

The 2011-2020 Research Plan distinguishes three major global problem areas facing humanity today where concentration and intensification of research by IIASA scientists is most likely to yield the most productive results.

These three global problem areas are:

This work is supported by research into the drivers of the transformations taking place in our world – population, technology, and economic growth.

All IIASA research is policy-relevant and geared toward provision of robust solutions to the challenges of international, regional, and national policy and governance.

The methodology used at IIASA since the foundation of the Institute in 1972 is advanced systems analysis. Both methodology and data are constantly updated and refined in-house to respond to emerging research needs.

For more detailed information, please see the sections below.

Global Problem Areas

The main global problem areas being researched at IIASA – energy and climate change, food and water, and poverty and equity – are among the greatest challenges facing humanity today More

Drivers of Global Transformations

Population, technology, and economic growth are the main drivers of global transformations. IIASA research cuts across disciplines to explore these factors from an integrated perspective.  More

Policy and Governance 

IIASA research is problem-driven and solution-oriented. It provides knowledge and insights to those who make and implement policy, helping them respond to complex global challenges More

Advanced Systems Analysis Area  

IIASA uses systems analysis to examine complex systems, with an emphasis on holistic and integrated problem formulation and an interdisciplinary approach to finding solutions More

Research Programs

Currently nine research programs carry out research at IIASA into the dynamics of global change More

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Last edited: 22 July 2013

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