2018 YSSP Fund Recipients

The recipients of the 2018 YSSP Fund will spend a summer of intensive research at IIASA. They will have a unique opportunity to work with the most renowned experts in their fields, advance their projects and build long-term collaborations and friendships. They would not have this chance without the generous support of committed donors.

Thank you for helping us add seven new members to the global YSSP family!


Ankita Srivastava

Hosting IIASA Research Program: World Population

Supervisors: Guillaume Marois, Nandita Saikia

Citizenship: India

Message to the donors:

Thank you for your generosity! I am honored to be the recipient of the 2018 YSSP Fund fellowship. 

With your support, I will learn to develop new strategies to support caregivers of older Indians with disabilities and to project the need and their policy implication at the regional level. I also look forward to developing a new dynamic microsimulation model to project disability.

Fabio Amendola Diuana

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Energy

Supervisors: Edward Byers, Simon Parkinson

Citizenship: Brazil

Message to the donors: 

I would like to thank all donor alumni for their generous support of the YSSP Fund!

With your help, I will have my share in a unique experience of working with some of the world's best scientists, in IIASA's multicultural environment, along with fellow YSSP students from all parts of the globe and representing a great variety of discplines. I can't wait for this adventure to start!

Roger Levien Fellowship

Sara Turner

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Risk & Resilience, Evolution and Ecology

Supervisors: JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer, Michael Thompson, Piotr Magnuszewski

Citizenship: USA

Message to the donor: I am very grateful to Dr. Roger Levien for providing financial support to the 2018 YSSP Fund. I look forward to spending my summer at IIASA working with my supervisors in the Risk and Resilience and the Evolution and Ecology groups to better understand the potential to use serious games to study the evolution of cooperative governance arrangements. In addition to benefiting from the tremendous wealth of expertise and variety of tools at IIASA, I am also excited for the chance to engage with the other YSSP participants from around the world and look forward to an interesting and productive summer! 

John Luke Irwin

Hosting IIASA Research Program: World Population, Advanced Systems Analysis

Supervisors: Anne Goujon, Asjad Naqvi 

Citizenship: USA

Message to the donor: I am ecstatic to be working at IIASA this summer thanks to the generous support from Dr. Roger Levien. The opportunity to work with world-class researchers on matters that have a significant impact on the world will be among the highlights of my graduate experience. I will be working on identifying the skills that are the most likely to be resilient to automation based on a framework that categorizes tasks based on how chaotic they are and how rapidly they must be performed. The results of my research could help inform future education curricula to prevent automation-caused unemployment. The resources and expertise of IIASA will be instrumental in developing and exploring this expansive and essential issue. Thank you, Dr. Levien, for helping me pursue this objective.

Petr Aven Fellowship

Ekaterina Antsygina

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Arctic Futures Initiative

Supervisors: Lassi Heininen, Nadejda Komendantova

Citizenship: Russia

Message to the donor: I would like to thank Dr. Peter Aven for the generous sponsorship of my participation in the 2018 YSSP.

It will help me to make a project on the delimitation of extended continental shelves in the Arctic Ocean a reality. My research is interdisciplinary and under the supervision of the IIASA experts, I can perform analysis of geopolitical and geological issues. I am truly grateful for this unique opportunity.

Ferrero Fellowship

Fumi Harahap

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Ecosystems Services and Management

Supervisors: Piera Patrizio, Sennai Mesfun, Andrey Krasovskii

Citizenship: Indonesia

Message to the funder: I am looking forward to a research collaboration with IIASA and networking with other young scientists in the 2018 YSSP. I have recently completed my pre-doctoral degree at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden where I focused on evaluating the biodiesel programme in Indonesia which uses palm oil as the main feedstock. This summer, I will continue my research for optimizing the palm oil production while creating regional welfare for the country. I am very grateful to Ferrero  for supporting my participation in the YSSP. I believe it will give me a invaluable research experience, contributing to the research arena of oil palm in Indonesia, while at the same time facilitating my journey towards doctoral degree.

Muhammad Nurariffudin

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Ecosystems Services and Management

Supervisors: Sylvain Leduc, Florian Kraxner, Ping Yowargana

Citizenship: Malaysia

Message to the funder: I would like to thank Ferrero for their support of the 2018 YSSP Fund. I believe that the YSSP will give me a platform to work with some of the greatest scientists in the world. I hope that the research project that I will be conducting will offer an impactful contribution to my country, Malaysia as well as the world. Aside from that, I am looking forward to making new friendships and enjoying an enriching variety of different cultures. Thank you, IIASA and Ferrero for giving me this life-changing opportunity!

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