IIASA Annual Fund 2017- 40 Years of YSSP at IIASA

As 2017 begins, the world’s challenges require fresh approaches and international cooperation. Since 1972, IIASA has brought together scientists and decision makers from around the globe to try to unravel the knottiest of societies’ common problems.

For 40 years, the Young Scientists Summer Program has been central to that IIASA mission.  YSSP has cultivated individual expertise, interdisciplinary cooperation and global networks. Since its beginnings in 1977, over 1,800 young researchers from more than 50 countries have spent three summer months at IIASA.

Most YSSPers receive funding from their IIASA National Member Organizations, but each year there are gaps. With your contribution IIASA's Annual Fund can offer support to highly qualified students, often from developing countries, who would not otherwise be able to share the unique YSSP experience and contribute to IIASA’s scientific progress.

YSSP Gala Event 2016


The 2017 Annual Fund campaign has two goals for this 40th Anniversary year:

Catalyze funds and pledges for forty YSSP fellowships over the next 10 years.

Wouldn't it be great if each YSSP class starting from YSSP1977 to YSSP2016 managed to fund one fellow? 40 fellows for the 40th anniversary of the YSSP! Contact friends and colleagues from your YSSP class and from your time at IIASA and make a bigger impact together.

Support a Science Communication Fellow.

Established in 2016, this innovative fellowship supports a science writer who works closely with the IIASA Communication Department and the YSSP. IIASA’s complex systems science is hard to communicate, but wider understanding is crucial.  The Communication Fellowship has triple beneficiaries: the Fellow, the YSSPers, and the IIASA message. Read the testimonial from last year's Science Communication Fellow.


€5,500 will fund one full YSSP / Science Communication fellowship
€1,500 will cover the accommodation costs of one fellow
€1,000 will defray one fellow’s transport costs to IIASA
€500 will cover the meals of one fellow
€150 will buy three monthly tickets for public transport in Vienna


Last year, generous support of IIASA donors made it possible for five young scientists to participate in the YSSP 2016. We ask you to join those donors, with whatever contribution you can afford.  Because we believe that science and cooperation make a difference in the world.  And because YSSP makes science and cooperation happen. 


Dr. Roger Levien, a former director (1975 – 1981), a long-time supporter and a collaborator of IIASA made a generous gift to IIASA’s Annual Fund 2015 that enabled a Pardee RAND Graduate School student to spend a summer at the Institute as part of the Young Scientists Summer Program 2015. His most recent gift to the Annual Fund 2017 will offer the same opportunity to another talented scientist.


In 2011, a generous gift from IIASA YSSP Alumnus Petr Aven established the Petr Aven Fellowship, under the framework of the Annual Fund, to fund a young researcher from Russia or a developing country that is not a member of IIASA.

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