Ecosystem Functioning - Current Projects

Current Projects of the Ecosystems Functioning Research Group

Adaptive Decision Support for Water Management

Major project in the Food and Water area. The project aims to assess the drivers of water demand and develop a modular decision support system for integrated and adaptive management of water resources. More

Doubling Food Provision

Major project in the Food and Water area, contributing to Poverty and Equity. Which factors are regionally the most critical/constraining for achieving reliable long-term food and water supply? More

Reducing GHG Emissions Uncertainties (GESAPU)

Research in the more than ten years since the Kyoto Protocol has shown that the methods used to measure and inventory greenhouse gas emissions have significant uncertainties and gaps. GESAPU is intended to reduce the uncertainties of GHG emissions in Poland and Ukraine. More

Water for Food and Agriculture

Major project in the Food and Water area. Where and how much is irrigation expansion essential to achieving required expansion of regional food supplies More

Assessment of Northern Eurasian Forests (ZAPAS)

The ZAPÁS project is intended to make space-based biomass inventory assessments more reliable for boreal forests of Northern Eurasia. More

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