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IIASA has launched several projects and partnerships linking science with art. These efforts aim to improve scientific engagement with the public and spur new and innovative thinking.

An illustration by Ernst Haeckel from

An illustration by Ernst Haeckel from "Art forms of Nature"

As an interdisciplinary institute, IIASA researchers are used to working across disciplinary boundaries. As a policy-focused research center, IIASA is regularly in contact with policymakers and stakeholders. Yet it is rare even in an institute like IIASA to reach outside the walls of science and policy into other areas of society like the arts, even though much could be gained from such interactions.

Art and science are both based on the ability to imagine, inventing new methods and drawing connections to elucidate complex topics. For that reason, IIASA has launched partnerships with talented artists. We hope that these partnerships will also spark new ideas in both art and science, leading to new innovations and solutions to the problems the planet faces today.

Short film by Gloria Benedikt and Christian Felber.

(...) This is where artists and scientists can come together, combining their strengths right now: united by the quest to understand how the world works, scientists finding data, artists embedding them in meaning. The short film on post-truth, shown at the Science Ball, is a small step on that journey. It developed out of an artistic urge to respond to the current discourse, which only seemed to touch on the surface of a more fundamental development. To shed light into these depths and find a different response, scientists contributed their views on the issue. Then, there are findings you cannot express with words, and that’s where non-verbal communication comes in. Here the medium is dance (...)

Projects and partnerships

Courage in times of crisis: A bold attempt to integrate art and science

COURAGE is an interdisciplinary performance, combining dance, theatre, and science. In a time of uncertainty, it aims to address issues, and raise crucial questions: how can we tackle the pressing problems of our time? Is there a way out? COURAGE premiered as part of the Political Symposium at the European Forum Alpbach in August 2016. The summary of this session is available on the IIASA YouTube channel. More

Citizen Artist Incubator project

Thirteen selected performing artists came together at IIASA for a one-month program with the ambition to develop new ways of making art that has a fundamental impact on society. More

Goodwill Ambassador: Vienna Philharmonic

The Vienna Philharmonic is a goodwill ambassador for the work of IIASA. The partnership brings together music and science for the broader good of humanity. More


19 Aug 2016
IIASA Gallery: Art Exhibition Anthropo/Sphere

Art meets science: the IIASA gallery opened a unique exhibition featuring American artist Dona Jalufka. More

Science and arts: videos

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