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IIASA has launched several projects and partnerships linking science with art. These efforts aim to improve scientific engagement with the public and spur new and innovative thinking.

©Lisa Alisa | Shutterstock

©Lisa Alisa | Shutterstock

As an interdisciplinary institute, IIASA researchers are used to working across disciplinary boundaries. As a policy-focused research center, IIASA is regularly in contact with policymakers and stakeholders. Yet it is rare even in an institute like IIASA to reach outside the walls of science and policy into other areas of society like the arts, even though much could be gained from such interactions.

Art and science are both based on the ability to imagine, inventing new methods and drawing connections to elucidate complex topics. For that reason, IIASA has launched partnerships with talented artists. We hope that these partnerships will also spark new ideas in both art and science, leading to new innovations and solutions to the problems the planet faces today.

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Systems analysis is a problem-solving process that seeks to understand individual elements, and how they might interact, while accounting for the system as a whole. This brochure explores the role art can play in this process, and how it might contribute to a global transformation to sustainability.

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25 September 2018 - 27 September 2018

Dancing with the Future - World Premiere and New York Premiere in September

“Dancing with the Future” is the latest IIASA production that pushes the boundaries of art and science, fusing dance, evolutionary dynamics, and an interactive game. The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED) of Harvard University, USA, are collaborating on this interdisciplinary project. More

9 July 2018 - 14 July 2018

2018 EuroScience Open Forum

ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a unique framework for interaction and debate for scientists, innovators, policy makers, business people and the general public. More

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