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For four decades IIASA has conducted independent and interdisciplinary research to find solutions to a host of scientific, social, and policy problems.

IIASA's impact has ranged from pioneering new approaches in economics with implications for technology sector innovations to underpinning global environmental treaties to helping countries find paths to sustainable development.

The IIASA Fund offers different avenues to support IIASA’s mission. The support of our donors allows us to continue this important work and provides the opportunities for endeavors outside the Institute's budget.

Supporting Young Scientists 

Since 1977, 1673 young researchers have participated in IIASA's Young Scientist Summer Program - YSSP. Very few of these students were from developing countries that are not IIASA member states. The IIASA Annual Fund, as well as the Petr Aven Fellowship offers the opportunity to do research at the Institute for up to three exceptional graduate students from developing countries that are not IIASA member states who would not have outside sponsorship. Similarly, the newly established Nathan Keyfitz Fellowship funds one graduate to participate in IIASA’s YSSP with the World Population Program.

The Peter E. de Janosi Fellowship offers one postgraduate student the opportunity to participate in the IIASA Postdoctoral Program.

IIASA's Endowment Fund supports Institute's research 

The IIASA Endowment Fund supports innovative ideas and the creative exploration of new frontiers in systems analysis at IIASA and will provide seed money for new initiatives at the Institute. Your support will allow IIASA to continue international, truly independent, scientific investigation into today's global challenges.

By attracting the best scientists from around the world, IIASA is transforming our understanding of our changing world. And by bringing the world's most promising young scientists to spend a summer at IIASA, the Institute ensures the next generation of scientists is even better equipped to solve the world's problems.

Thomas C. Schelling

Nobel Prize (Economics, 2005) 
IIASA Endowment Fund Donor, IIASA Alumnus

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Last edited: 16 May 2014


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