12 March 2020 - 13 March 2020
Aalborg, Denmark

Global flows of migrants and their impacts on North European welfare states

World Population Deputy Program Director Raya Muttarak will be keynote speaker at an international conference on the causes and consequences of immigration for north-European welfare states at Aalborg University.

Helsinki, Finland © Milyavsky / Dreamstime.com

Helsinki, Finland © Milyavsky / Dreamstime.com

Immigration remains one of the most contentious issues in Europe even after the great European refugee crisis has settled. Some observers see immigration as a fundamental challenge to the economic sustainability of the welfare states and the social cohesion of welfare societies. Other observers see immigration as an opportunity to increase labour supply and diversity in an ageing and shrinking European labour market. This conference is intended to open up an interdisciplinary debate on the causes and consequences of immigration for north-European welfare states. The conference is organized by the interdisciplinary FLOW research group at Aalborg University.

Raya Muttarak is one of the 3 keynote speakers during at this conference. In her research at IIASA, Muttarak focuses on the intersection of social inequality, differential vulnerability and environmental change. Her research has recently been published in Science and Nature.

For more information please visit the event website.

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