Models & Databases

Low Energy Demand study: LED

An exploratory research and resulting scenario about how far transformative changes on the energy end-use side can lead to. More


A software tool to estimate the parameters of technological growth and substitution processes More

Primary, Final and Useful Energy Database (PFUDB)

A historical database of energy use by country or region, energy level, sector, energy carrier, and end-use type. More


The Energy and Carbon Emissions Inventory Database (ECDB) compares major global inventories of primary energy use and carbon emissions. More

Representative Concentration Pathways Database

A database with scenarios from the integrated assessment community to expedite climate change assessments More

Scaling Dynamics of Energy Technologies

The SD-ET analysis provides a novel methodological framework of using observed historical patterns of technological change to test the plausibility of future scenarios of technological change to meet climate change mitigation goals. More

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