12 June 2015
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International Expert Workshop on Low Carbon Technology Transitions

IIASA shares expertise in International Expert Workshop on Low Carbon Technology Transitions: The Role of Renewable Electricity Imports

© Umberto Leporini | Dreamstime

© Umberto Leporini | Dreamstime

From 2013 to 2015, IIASA was involved in the joint study RE-ADJUST (adjusting efforts in the global greenhouse: Responding to trade, technology and responsibility challenges of European energy and climate policies) with the University of Graz and the Carnegie-Mellon University. The project, which was sponsored by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (ACRP), carried out a comprehensive model‑based analysis of technological options, taking into account international trade, to achieve European energy and climate targets.

Following the recent completion of the project (March 2015), the partners are keen to share and discuss their key findings with other international experts within the framework of an international expert workshop entitled "Low carbon technology transitions: The role of renewable electricity imports." On this occasion, IIASA researcher Nadejda Komendantova-Amann of the Risk, Policy, and Vulnerability (RPV) Program will share her expertise on risk perceptions and stakeholder views related to solar energy projects in the Middle East and North African Region.

The energy transition that is needed to reach the goals of climate change mitigation and energy security policies will require, inter alia, large-scale deployment of renewable energy sources. Despite promising resource availability, renewable energy projects - such as concentrated solar power and large-scale photovoltaic - are struggling to attract the private capital that is necessary to guarantee energy transition at scale. Perceptions of risks are one of the barriers to investment of private capital, especially in the case of solar projects in developing countries. Addressing these perceptions is, therefore, one of the major recommendations for governance of energy transition.

At IIASA, Dr. Nadejda Komendantova coordinates RPV’s Governance in Transition research theme, with a focus on investigating how governance structures shape decisions and subsequent outcomes by building on and contributing to research on decision-making processes, public acceptance, risk perception, cognitive biases, and cultural perspectives, as well as participatory governance design.

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