10 December 2013
Vienna, Austria

Forschung und Innovation – Herausforderungen durch die Energiewende

IIASA Program Leader Keywan Riahi joins the seminar as a speaker focusing on the "Next Global Energy Transformation"  

Over the past few years, due to the recent shift in the energy supply infrastructure to increase the share of energy coming from renewable resources and the herewith associated challenges, the search for long-term sustainable and economical solutions has significantly increased in importance in the effort to combat climate change. Energy research develops the basis on which these solutions are established. The new “Forschungsbericht 2013” presents an broad spectrum of innovative research projects being carried out by collaborations or individual companies. This seminar provides an overview of the results from present ongoing research intended as a contribution towards the current discussion with respect to the energy system transformation.

Information on the seminar (in German)

Program (in German)

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