16 September 2013 - 18 September 2013
Antwerp, Belgium

GHG Europe - Open Science Conference: Greenhouse Gas
Management in European Land Use Systems

Almost the entire European land cover is used to produce crops and wood. In view of the changing climate it is especially important to know how much of the greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere or fixed in biomass and soil by forest, farming, and meat production. These would be either sources or sinks of greenhouse gases.

One of the largest European research efforts for elucidating these mechanisms, the GHG Europe Project, will be concluded in September 2013. The project that lasted for four years, involved more than 40 institutes from all over Europe, and was coordinated by Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Institute (vTI) in Germany. The project is closing with an Open Science Conference held in Antwerp on September 16-18.

IIASA ESM coordinated work on an analysis that aimed at projections with realistic drivers and by modelling feedbacks with global bioenergy and timber markets and climate policies in the post-2012 climate regime. ESM models (GLOBIOM and G4M) were used for estimating the future vulnerability of ecosystem carbon (C) stocks and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to changing drivers in the next decades. Hannes Bottcher and Michael Obersteiner will attend the event. 

Hannes Böttcher Presentation:

Wednesday: 9:40-10:00

Projection of land-based GHG emissions and removals in EU countries from a variety of activities 

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