11 November 2015 - 13 November 2015
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Ecosystem Services and Management Participation in Systems Analysis 2015

An overview of the Ecosystems Services and Management Program Poster and Seminar Presentation contributions to the Systems Analysis 2015 Conference.

On the first day of the Systems Analysis Conference a dedicated poster session enabled conference participants to share a diversity of perspectives on innovative methodologies, applications, and future challenges of systems analysis. 

Below is an overview of all the Ecosystem Services and Management Programs Poster and Seminar Presentations linked to their abstracts and/or actual posters. 

Ecosystem Services and Management Poster Presentations:

Title Authors
Integrated Multi-scale Modeling Framework for Assessment of Land-use Related Challenges under Global Change Petr Havlík1, Hugo Valin1, Aline Mosnier1, Nicklas Forsell1, Stefan Frank1, David Leclère1, Amanda Palazzo1, Tatiana Ermolieva1, Mykola Gusti1,2, Juraj Balkovič1, Rastislav Skalský1, Erwin Schmid3, Mario Herrero4, Florian Kraxner1, Michael Obersteiner1
Power-to-gas and Power-to-liquids for Managing Renewable Electricity Intermittency in the Alpine Region Mesfun S, Sanchez DL, Leduc S, Kraxner F
Negative Emissions and Interactions with other Mitigation Options: A Bottom-up Methodology for Indonesia Kraxner F, Leduc S, Yowargana P, Schepaschenko D, Fuss S, Havlik P, Mosnier A                         
Improving Ethiopian Smallholders’ Income and Food Security: An Assessment of Alternative Policy Options Bocqueho, G., Boere, E., Mosnier, A., Havlik, P. 
Towards Systematic Evaluation of Crop Model Outputs for Global Land-use Models Leclère D, Azevedo LB, Skalský R, Balkovič J, Havlík P, Obersteiner M
Adaptation to Increasing Risks of Forest Fires Khabarov N, Krasovskii A, Obersteiner M, Swart R, Dosio A, San-Miguel-Ayanz J, Durrant T, Camia A, Migliavacca M
Probabilistic Spatial and Temporal Resilience Landscapes for the Congo Basin Pietsch S.A., Bednar J.E., Mosnier A., Obersteiner M.  
Ergodic to Non-ergodic Behavior Transitions and Hysteresis in Ecosystem Models Pietsch S.A., Bednar J.E.
Towards Sustainable Livestock Production Systems: Analyzing Ecological Constraints to Grazing Intensity Fetzel T, Havlik P, Erb KH
Systems Analysis Approach for Carbon Science Economics Convergence Research for Mid-Latitude Ecotone Lee WK, Moon JY, Kraxner F, Shvidenko A
Development of Robust Land-use Decisions in Eastern Europe under Technology, Climate, and System Change: The Case of Ukraine Ermolieva T. Yu.*, Ermoliev Yu. M. *, Atoyev K. L. **, Golodnikov O. M. **, Gorbachuk V. M. **, Kiriljuk V. S. **, Knopov P. S. **                            
Global High-resolution Land-use Change Projections: A Bayesian Multinomial Logit Downscaling Approach Incorporating Model Uncertainty and Spatial Effects Krisztin T, Havlík P, Leclere D, Moreau I                            
Energy Modelling on the Alpine Bow Leduc S, Kraxner K, Serrano León H, Garegnani G, Walzer C
New Feed Sources Key to Ambitious Climate Targets Walsh, Brian
Defining New Global Land-use Map in 2050 by Including Environmental Flow Requirements

Winner of 2nd Best Poster Overall – Tie

Pastor AV, Palazzo A, Havlik P, Obersteiner M, Kabat P

Taking Differences in Institutional Quality into Account in Global Forest Modelling Wehkamp J. (1,2), S. A. Pietsch (3), F. Kraxner (3), W. H. Reuter (3), S. Fuss (1), M. Gusti (3), N. Koch (1)
Renewable Energy Production from Municipal Solid Waste to Mitigate Climate Change: A Spatially Explicit Assessment for Malaysia Tan ST, Leduc S, Kraxner F                   
Spatial Harmonizing of Protected Areas and Renewable Energy Production Serrano-León H, Kraxner F, Leduc S
Understanding Carbon Cycling of Terrestrial Ecosystems as a Fuzzy System Shvidenko A, Schepaschenko D, Kraxner F, Maksyutov S
The Role of Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Tools in Supporting Systems Analysis at IIASA

Winner of 2nd Best Poster Overall – Tie

Steffen Fritz, Linda See, Inian Moorthy, Ian McCallum, Christoph Perger, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Myroslava Lesiv, Anatoly Shvidenko, Carl Salk, Martina Duerauer, Mathias Karner, Tobias Sturn, Christopher Dresel, Dahlia Domian, Antonia Dunwoody, Florian Kraxner and Michael Obersteiner                 

Advanced Stochastic Optimization Modeling of the Water-energy-food Nexus for Robust Energy and Agricultural Development: Coal Mining Industry in Shanxi province, China Gao J, Sun C, Xiangyang X, Cao G-Y, Ermoliev Y, Ermolieva T , Mosnier A, Rovenskaya E
Robust Rescaling Methods for Integrated Water, Food, and Energy Security Management under Systemic Risks and Uncertainty Ermoliev Y, Ermolieva T, Havlík P, Mosnier A, Obersteiner M, Leclere D, Fritz S, Kyryzyuk S, Kostyuchenko Y
Integrated Management of Land-use Systems under Systemic Risks and Food-(bio)energy-water-environmental Security Targets: A Stochastic Global Biosphere Management Model Ermolieva T, Havlík P, Ermoliev Y, Mosnier A, Obersteiner M, Leclere D, Khabarov N, Valin H, Reuter W    
Solution of Evolutionary Games via Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations Krasovskii N.A., Kryazhimskiy A.V., Tarasyev A.M.
How to Increase the Accuracy of Crowdsourcing Campaigns? Nurmukhametov O. (1), Baklanov A. (2), Fritz S. (3), Khachay M. (4), Salk C. (5), See L.(6), Shchepashchenko D. (7)
REDD-based Offsets: Benefit Sharing and Risks Krasovskii A, Khabarov N, Obersteiner M
Analysis of Close-to-optimal Zones in LP Decision-support Models Smirnov A, Wagner F, Rovenskaya E
Assessing the Sensitivity of an NH3Emission Reduction Calculator for Dairy Cattle Barns by Means of Global Sensitivity AnalysisLuciano B. Mendes1, Peter Demeyer2, Eva Brusselman2, Jan G. Pieters3
Control of Diffusion Processes in Multi-agent Networks  Wildemeersch M, Chan WHR, Quek TQS



On Nov. 13 at 15:00 - 16:30 ESM researcher Linda See and Paul Chatterton of the WWF International Forest and Climate Program will give a presentation on Mobilizing Mass Action through Mobile Devices: Challenges and Opportunities for Science, Policy, and Governance.

Their presentation can be viewed here.

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