12 November 2014 - 14 November 2014
IIASA - Laxenburg

Ukrainian workshop of IIASA-NASU Project

A workshop presenting mid-term results of the cooperation project between IIASA and the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (NASU), on “Integrated Modeling of Food, Energy, Water Security Management for Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Developments”.

The project is led on the IIASA side by Prof. Dr. Y. Ermoliev (ASA), and on the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) side by Prof. Dr. Anatoly G. Zagorodny, Academician and Vice-President and Deputy Chairman of the IIASA National Member Organization

Participants of the project will discuss current outcomes and future plans, in particular:

  1. Cooperation between NMO Institutions in Ukraine and IIASA Programs, e.g., RPV, ESM, MAG, ENE, TNT, WATER, ASA, on systemic risks and security management;
  2. Development of new robust approaches for Food, Energy, Water Security Management  using (stochastic) GLOBIOM (ESM) and proper downscaling local-global interdependencies among food-water-energy security, systemic risks;
  3. Applicability of EU EnRiMa (“Energy efficiency and risk management in public buildings”) integrated strategic-operational model in Ukraine;
  4. Synergies between the project and the on-going NSF-China project “Efficiency and security of land resource management” and the project between IIASA (ASA, ESM) and China Scholarship Council Joint Training PhD Programs;
  5. TNT and ENE approaches in the context of energy developments in Ukraine;
  6. GAINS and MAG data base.

It is planned that the results of the meeting will be summarized in a IIASA-NASU book. 

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Last edited: 11 November 2014


Yurii Yermoliev

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Ecosystems Services and Management

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