12 June 2019
Helsinki, Finland

Steering the Energy System Transition: Data, Modelling and Decisions

Elena Rovenskaya is invited to speak at the workshop on "Steering the Energy System Transition: Data, Modelling and Decisions" giving a talk on "For modelling to provide useful advice to policy, it must account for uncertainty: A few examples from IIASA".

© Jittawit Tachakanjanapong | Dreamstime.com

© Jittawit Tachakanjanapong | Dreamstime.com

The workshop is organized by Aalto University and considers development of energy modeling towards steering the new energy transition and making modeling results more accessible to all stakeholders across society. The workshop involves policymakers, consultants and representatives of international institutions, energy industry and academia.

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Elena Rovenskaya

Program Director

Advanced Systems Analysis

Acting Program Director

Evolution and Ecology

T +43(0) 2236 807 608

Workshop information

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria
Phone: (+43 2236) 807 0 Fax:(+43 2236) 71 313