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The Arctic Futures Initiative is an international, collaborative and inclusive IIASA Futures Initiative cutting across the IIASA Programs and working in close collaboration with organizations, institutions, research programs and projects.

We welcome applications for the IIASA Young Summer Scientist Program (YSSP) and IIASA Postdoc positions. Please see AFI YSSP and AFI Postdocs for additional information.

The YSSP candidates, students, and postdoctoral researcher candidates are kindly asked to contact the AFI well in advance to discuss the topic, contents and research plan for the proposal.” 

You can also work at IIASA as an external collaborator (usually from institutional collaborators), visiting IIASA from a period of days to months. We welcome researchers who receive scholarships to do research at a foreign institution or researchers who want to spend their sabbatical at IIASA. 

The visits can include, for example, a seminar, networking with IIASA researchers. IIASA organises smaller and larger events: seminars, workshops, and conferences, such as the 2015 Systems Analysis Conference and the major international IIASA Conference in June 2017.

For more information and inquiries, please contact Anni Reissell.

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Last edited: 22 May 2016

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