As one of IIASA founding organizations, the Japan Committee for IIASA has helped develop a highly-productive relationship between IIASA and Japan.

Map of Japan

Map of Japan

Research collaborations between IIASA and Japan have been highly productive since the institute was founded in 1972. This Info Sheet focuses on key aspects of this beneficial relationship since 2010, which has involved cooperation with more than 31 Japanese organizations and resulted in over 300 scientific publications and a range of research advances. Recent studies have included in-depth analyses of how to maximize the co-benefits from measures to reduce both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Japan and Asia; the development of a new set of scenarios to underpin future climate modeling, impact, vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation assessments; and research into the evolution of diseases and commercially-exploited fish. IIASA longstanding connections to business in Japan include the Toyota Motor Corporation and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, with collaborations focused on efficient and sustainable energy systems. Knowledge transfer between IIASA and Japan is also facilitated by multiple exchanges with Japanese researchers working at or visiting IIASA, and IIASA researchers visiting and attending events in Japan.

In addition, since 2010, 9 Japanese doctoral students and 2 postdoctoral fellows have gained
international and interdisciplinary research skills from IIASA programs for young scientists.

Opportunities for Japanese Researchers and Japanese Nationals at IIASA

Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP)

The YSSP at IIASA offers fellowships for PhD students to undertake a summer project on a topic related to the IIASA research agenda. Applications for 2019 are now being accepted until 11 Jan 2019.                                 

Postdoctoral Opportunities

The Postdoctoral Program at IIASA offers fully funded research positions of up to two years to study topics related to the IIASA research agenda.                                                                             

Employment   Opportunities

Currently IIASA employs approximately 170 scientific staff and 100 support staff. Preference for job applications is given to qualified applicants who are nationals of IIASA member countries. 

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Last edited: 23 July 2019

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