YSSP Fund Recipients

The YSSP fellows smiling at you from the photograph below are all part of the IIASA global network of system thinkers thanks to the YSSP Fund, which accepts donations from the IIASA community and directs the proceeds to support young scholars who are not eligible to receive a stipend from an IIASA National Member Organization. 

Since its inception in 2011, the YSSP Fund has opened the IIASA door to 30 young researchers from Ethiopia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Colombia, Brazil, and many other countries.

All these scholars have since become an important part of the IIASA worldwide network, enriching the institute’s research portfolio and planting the seeds of their newly acquired systems analysis expertise in their home countries.

Every donation to the YSSP Fund goes a long way. Help us close more funding gaps this summer and support the next generation of system thinkers!


Learn more about the YSSP Fund recipients:

2019 YSSP Fund

2018 YSSP Fund

2017 YSSP Fund

2016 YSSP Fund

2011 - 2015 YSSP Fund

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Last edited: 12 July 2019


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