Howard Raiffa Fellows Program in Applied Systems Analysis for Decision Making

Honoring Howard Raiffa’s contributions to global understanding and supporting IIASA's application of decision science for analyzing and solving real world problems.  

Howard Raiffa (1924 - 2016)

Howard Raiffa (1924 - 2016)

“Playing his part in the creation of IIASA was the work my father valued most in his entire life. His fervent hope was that young scholars and decision makers would be supported to use decision analysis in creative ways to help solve real world problems - particularly those of vulnerable and struggling populations.” 

- Judith Raiffa, Howard’s daughter

A founding father and the first director of IIASA as well as a pioneering Bayesian decision theorist, Prof. Howard Raiffa was dedicated to furthering theory and methodology and see it applied to help solve problems in the real world.  

He played a fundamental role in establishing the field of Decision Science - an academic discipline that encompasses negotiating techniques, conflict resolution, risk analysis and game theory. Throughout his career at IIASA and Harvard, Raiffa made outstanding contributions to global understanding and inspired many generations of students.  

Howard Raiffa Fellows Program in Applied Systems Analysis for Decision Making 

The Howard Raiffa Fellows Program in Applied Systems Analysis for Decision Making at IIASA honors Raiffa’s vision of IIASA as a global center, where decision analysis could be used in creative ways to help solve real world problems. 

The annual award of the Raiffa Senior Fellowship will bring a distinguished decision scientist to IIASA to work on the global problems addressed by the Institute’s research programs.  

Raiffa Associate Fellows from academia, business, and government will advance the theory and practice of decision science, in collaboration with the Senior Fellow and IIASA’s network of researchers and collaborators.

Support the Raiffa Fellows Program!

Make a donation in honor of Howard Raiffa and help us preserve his legacy to inspire the future generations of scholars!

Your contribution will perpetuate the Howard Raiffa Senior Fellowships in Decision Science and fund fellowships for postdoctoral or mid-career Raiffa Associate Fellows. 

Raiffa Fellows Program Fundraising Flyer (pdf)

Below: Group photo taken at the IIASA Directors Meeting in 2012

(L-R) Arne B. Jernelöv (Acting Director, 2000-2002), Sten Nilsson (Acting Director, 2008-2009), IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat, Leen Hordijk (Director, 2002-2008), Howard Raiffa (Director, 1972-1975), Roger Levien (Director, 1975-1981), C.S. Holling (Director, 1981-1984), Detlof von Winterfeldt (Director, 2009-2012)

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