06 November 2013
University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Bergen Workshop to examine holistic approaches to global challenges

IIASA and the Research Council of Norway, are co-organizing a workshop to focus on holistic systems approaches in research on global challenges, in particular the interrelated challenges of climate change and transformation of energy systems. The workshop will take place on November 6, 2013, in Bergen, Norway. 

The Research Council of Norway logo

The Research Council of Norway logo

The Research Council serves as the Norwegian IIASA National Member Organization (NMO), and the workshop will explore mutually beneficial links between IIASA and Norwegian research partners.

Speakers will consider how integrated system analysis can best provide decision makers with relevant knowledge that they can use to set policy agendas and chart more sustainable pathways. Discussion will delve further into limitations and pitfalls of holistic approaches.

IIASA speakers will include Institute Director and CEO Pavel Kabat, Deputy Director Nebojsa Nakicenovic and Evolution and Ecology Program Leader Ulf Dieckmann, as well as IIASA Science Advisory Committee Chairman and University of Oslo Professor Arild Underdahl. They will share their experience on advanced and integrated system analysis and managing multidisciplinary teams, and Norwegian research teams engaged in similar efforts will also to present their views on these topics.

IIASA is known for its performance in building interdisciplinary and international teams to integrate analytical tools, models and databases in comprehensive, problem-driven and solution-oriented research programs. The Institute’s research on environmental, economic, social and technological issues in the context of human dimensions of global change is of particular interest to Norway, and discussions will include a focus on developing a strategy for enhancing these strengths in Norwegian Universities.

Workshop program

The draft program for the 6 November workshop, which will open at 09:00 and adjourn at 16:00, is as follows:

Session I
Chair: Professor Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, University of Bergen

  • The IIASA approach, IIASA Director and Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat
  • Future Energy Challenges and Opportunities, Professor Nebosja Nakicenovic, IIASA 

Comments from three Norwegian scientists:
Christoph Heinze, UiB
Ingjerd Haddeland, NVE
Solveig Christiansen, UiO, PhD student

Session II
Chair: Professor Arild Underdal, University of Oslo

What is the best approach in studying: Human impact on the climate system – changes in the climate system.

  • «Modelling the global climate system» - emphasising the Antrophogenic, Professor Helge Drange, UiB
  • Land cover change, Population growth, development, policy, Professor Arild Angelsen, UMB
  • Energy, Technology development as driver, Anders Arvesen, NTNU,

Section III: Human impact of marine eco systems

  • Sustainable management of marine fisheries, Ulf Dieckmann, IIASA
  • Dr. Randi Ingvaldsen, IMR

Session III Discussion – synthesising
How can Norwegian scientists contribute to this research, and how can the Norwegian scientists enter in to dialogue with IIASA. Is it possible for the Norwegian research community to increase their scientific contribution to this field?
Input from the Research Council: Why does the RCN emphasis cooperation with IIASA.

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