04 February 2016
IIASA, Laxenburg

Trade delegation visits IIASA

The Austrian Club for Trade Delegates (Club für Handelsräte) visited IIASA this month. The club is made up of not only accredited embassy diplomats and representatives of international organizations, but also Austrian companies and other economic, political and cultural organizations.

© Chombosan | Dreamstime.com

© Chombosan | Dreamstime.com

Trade is a vital part of achieving a stable, sustainable future, something that has been long recognized in IIASA research. Founded in the same year as IIASA, 1972, the Club for Trade Delegates serves as a contact platform between accredited trade and economic delegates and the Austrian business and political community.

IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat introduced the institute, covering the role it played in cross-border cooperation in its early days during the cold war. This is a function it still serves today, using science diplomacy to support sustainable global development.

Peter Klimek, assistant professor at the Section for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna, then presented a study he carried out with collaborators at IIASA on how trade networks can come under severe systemic risk, depending on the structure of the network. This work has been applied to the case of many critical resources—such as phosphorus and rare earth elements—and could help improve the resilience of these trading networks.

The delegation

  1. N.V.D. Pauw, Embassy of the Netherlands 
  2. I. Voller, Embassy of Hungary
  3. Z. Siposova, Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia
  4. H. Halbwidl, Ecoplus
  5. A.I. F.d.S. Douglas, Embassy of Portugal
  6. L. Battaglia, Embassy of Argentina
  7. R. Rossi, formerly of the Embassy of Canada
  8. V. Arguinchona Campo, Embassy of Spain
  9. S. Sánchez, Embassy of Spain
  10. A.S. Ozdogan, Embassy of Turkey
  11. V. Wasenegger, Embassy of Canada
  12. B. Korosec, Embassy of Slovenia
  13. W. Wiessböck, Österr.-Japanische Gesellschaft (Austrian Japanese Society)
  14. Dr. E. Hahn, WKNÖ Außenwirtschaft (Economic Chambers of Lower Austria – Foreign Trade)
  15. H.M. Chuang
  16. H. Nagl, Austrian Business Agency
  17. Mag. P. Padilla, Santander Deloitte
  18. R. Willis, CdH
  19. M. Weinschenk, CdH
  20. M. Pálffy, CdH
  21. D. Dobida, CdH, Austrian Business Agency 

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