Projections of religious beliefs and values

In work on religious beliefs and values in 2013, Age and Cohort Change (ACC), headed by Vegard Skirbekk, worked on projections of beliefs and values over the life course that are related to demographic behavior.

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The year 2013 saw continued international collaboration with the Pew Research Center, an international "non-partisan fact tank" to carry out projections of religious beliefs and values. This groundbreaking new research, to which ACC contributed data and complex demographic projections, will be published in mid-2014.

In 2013 the focus of ACC work was on building up global data on religious affiliations of people around the world. BRILL publishers set up a permanent online database in order to distribute the data to the wider scientific community [1]. 

Publication of a new book by BRILL, the Yearbook of International Religious Demography, to which ACC researchers contributed, will take place in 2014 [2].


ACC researchers look at how demographic behavior affects the distribution of beliefs and attitudes within the population. For example, the degree of intergenerational transmissions, fertility differentials, and the impact of selective migration and mortality patterns are taken into account when estimates and projections of religion, values, attitudes, and beliefs are made.  


[1] Global database
[2] Yearbook of International Religious Demography


Pew Research Center, USA.

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