New GLC-Share database will improve GAEZ land cover layer information

GAEZ will be among the first applications to benefit from the creation of the “best available” land cover database developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Water flowing through grassland © K. Platzer | IIASA

Water flowing through grassland

A global land cover database (GLC-Share) was prepared by FAO's Land and Water Division (NRL) to improve the GAEZ land cover layer information, using best available recent national, regional, and global land cover data and land use statistics.

GLC-Share consists of a quantification by 30 arc-second grid cell of main land use/land cover shares, estimated for the following classes: (i) artificial surfaces; (ii) rain-fed cropland; (iii) irrigated cropland; (iv) grassland; (v) tree covered areas; (vi) shrub covered areas; (vii) herbaceous vegetation; (viii) mangroves; (ix) sparse vegetation; (x) bare soil; (xi) snow and glaciers; and (xii) water bodies.


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Last edited: 20 April 2016


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