Sustainable bioenergy production

Nicklas Forsell is working with the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program with a focus on improving understanding of forest ecosystems and devising sustainable management strategies for them, both as sinks for carbon and as potential providers of fuel for energy.

Nicklas Forsell joined the ESM Program in 2012 as a postdoctoral research scholar on an IIASA scholarship. He became a full-time researcher at IIASA in 2013.

His current research interests include enhancing and linking large-scale assessment models to analyze the links between forest, agricultural, and energy planning and thereby develop integrated assessments of national and global policies. This work focuses on the environmental and economic consequences of policies, with the goal of providing robust information for decision makers.

Dr. Forsell’s current research is examining how much bioenergy can be produced sustainably, while also preserving agriculture and forest resources. Bioenergy provides an alternative and renewable source of energy, but as bioenergy and biofuels are produced in the same forests and on the same cropland that are used for food and wood production, the costs and impacts of exploiting such these energy sources need to be carefully analyzed and weighed.

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