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- 23 August 2013 Forum Alpbach/IIASA


European Forum Alpbach, 12-31 August 2013

This August, IIASA researchers join world leaders and academics to discuss the most pressing problems of our time, in an interdisciplinary forum that brings participants from all of the world.

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26 August 2013, 11:30-13:00

At a plenary session on 26 August, IIASA Director and Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat will discuss the concept of sustainable development and green growth, what defines a green economy, and the implications of the introduction of this new concept.

Breakout Session: Dealing with the Complexities of Development: Why are Integrated Approaches Essential?

26 August 2013, 15:00-18:00

IIASA Director and Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat, Ecosystems Services and Management Program Leader Michael Obersteiner and Energy Program Research Scholar David McCollum will participate in a breakout session to address the complexities of development and why an integrated approach is essential. Looking at particular examples to see how lessons can be applied.

Closing Session: New Ideas for a Fair Globalization: What Should Entrepreneurs do?


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