Systems Analysis Forum Exploratory Projects

These cutting-edge projects explore new and innovative ways in which systems analysis can be used to bring benefits to society.

Eco-Spill: Accounting for behavioral spillovers in the global adoption of sustainable technologies and lifestyles

The Eco-Spill project aims to better understand how the preferences and lifestyle choices of diverse actors are influenced by those of others, both within and across countries; and then to incorporate these behavioral features into the IIASA-integrated assessment modeling framework. This work will help to develop more realistic portraits of the long-term sustainability transition. More

Freedom, Emergence, and Dimensions

The Freedom, Emergence, and Dimensions (FRED) project will explore contributions from the Ergodic Theory of Chaos to systems analysis. More

Simulation Games as New Methods for Understanding Stakeholder Interaction and Decision-Making in Complex Systems

A research project which uses social simulation as a new method to examine stakeholder cognition and interaction, and explores how gaming-based empirical observations may be used in quantitative analysis. More

Systems thinking for transformation

The systems thinking for transformation (SYSTRANS) project will explore ways in which IIASA can extend its public engagement and education efforts to foster systems thinking and transformation. More

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Last edited: 09 November 2016

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