Models, Tools and Data

Core models as part of an integrated modeling framework

Developing the Global Hydro-economic Model

Climate change and growing demand mean that competition for scarce water resources is increasing worldwide. The consequences for the environment and the global economy could be severe. The Global Hydro-economic Model, currently under development by the IIASA Water Program, can be used to simulate a wide range of possible future scenarios, supporting policymakers to create cost-effective, long-term sustainable water management policies. More

Developing the Integrated Community Water Model

The Community Water Model, developed by the IIASA Water Program, assesses water supply and demand at global and regional levels, and includes provision for healthy aquatic ecosystem. The hydrologic model is open source and can be linked to other models, enabling analysis of many different aspects of the water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus. More

Global Agro-ecological Zones (GAEZ)

The Global Agro-ecological Zones (GAEZ) system assists rational land-use planning based on an inventory of land resources and evaluation of the biophysical limitations and production potentials of land. More

Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD)

First released in July 2008, HWSD is a global database, framed within a Geographic Information System (GIS), that contains up-to-date information on world soil resources. More


A model that traces land embodied in trade and consumption. More

World Food System model (WFS)

A tool to rationalize the world's food system. More

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