Research overview

In the 2011-2015 period, MAG's research activities center around three research themes, which will be addressed through joint projects with other IIASA programs and external collaborators.

 MAG researcher activities contribute to the following themes: 

Benefits from Reducing Short-lived Climate Forcers

A variety of measures that improve human welfare through better local air quality will also result in near-term climate benefits More

Consumer Choice and Technological Efficiency

While GHG mitigation potentials in production systems have been studied before, the potential for changes in demand through alternative consumer choices and technological efficiency improvements are less well understood. More

Transformation to a Low Carbon Society

Substantial transformational changes are required to achieve two contradictory goals: enabling further development in developtin and industrialized countries and at the same time halving GHG emissions. IIASA research activities focus on developing strategies that will help accomplish the long-term objective of stabilizing global mean temperatures at 2°C above pre-industrial levels while allowing for the increase in economic actvities required for further human development and wellbeing. More

Reframing the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Debate

The current international climate policy discussion about reduction in greenhouse gas emissions does not capture the domestic framing of many countries, which perceive mitigation measures as being in direct conflict with policy objectives like growth and competitiveness. Adaptation is mainly seen as an issue for infrastructure investments. More

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Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

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