February 2014: Final Report

On December 18, 2013, the European Commission adopted a Clean Air Policy Package with the aim to further reduce the impacts of harmful emissions from industry, traffic, energy plants and agriculture on human health and the environment. The package includes a new Clean Air Programme for Europe with measures to ensure that existing targets are met in the short term, and with new air quality objectives for the period up to 2030. The package also proposes a revised Directive on National Emission Ceilings with stricter national emission reductions for the six main pollutants, as well as a new Directive to reduce pollution from medium-sized combustion installations.

The proposal of the European Commission has been informed by quantitative modelling of baseline emissions and associated impacts, of the scope for further emission reduction options, and of cost-effective emission reduction strategies with the GAINS Integrated Assessment Modelling suite.

The report documenting the key scenarios that have led to the proposal of the European Commission on the new Clean Air Policy package is available:

All detailed data of the scenarios presented in the report can be retrieved from the GAINS-Europe online model in the scenarios found within the Scenario group: TSAP_Dec_2013.

Scenario label in GAINS Online Label in report Option in the Commission
Impact Assessment
For 2025:    
   B1 - 2025-OPTION 6A in TSAP IA B1 6A
   B2- 2025-OPTION 6B in TSAP IA B2 6B
   B3 - 2025-OPTION 6C in TSAP IA B3 6C
   B4- 2025-OPTION 6C* in TSAP IA B4 6C*
   B6 - 2025-70% gap closure B6  
   PRIMES 2013 REF-MTFR 2025 MTFR 6D
For 2030:    
   PRIMES 2013 REF-CLE REF-2030 -
   B7 2030-Commission Proposal B7 -
   PRIMES 2013 REF-MFR 2030 MTFR-2030 -

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