YSSP Research Topics

Invited research topics for the AIR Program

We particularly encourage research proposals that address one of the following over-arching research topics:

  • How can the transition process to a low-carbon society be managed and modeled?
  • Which policy decisions need to be taken in the near future in order not to compromise the attainability of the long-term climate stabilization target?

Specifically, we invite applications for the following projects:
Technology- or sector-specific analysis notably for

  • Feedback between new technologies, demand and consumer behavior, especially for housing (heating & cooling demand), traffic and mobility, food and diet.
  • Emissions scenarios for aviation or marine shipping.
  • Scenarios for electric vehicles in booming economies.
  • Analysis of real-world emissions and high-emitter analysis.
  • Costs and potentials for renewable energy.
  • Energy efficiency in the industry and power sectors.
  • Modeling PFC emissions from the semiconductor and LCD industry.
  • Exploring future potentials for biogas technology.
  • Exploring the impact of technical warming potentials (TWPs) in non-CO2 mitigation cost curves.
  • Exploring co-benefits between air quality and water.
  • Modeling emissions from scenarios of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and so-called “nationally determined contributions” (NDCs).

This list of topics is neither complete nor exclusive and will be updated in the course of time. In addition, we are always interested in original research suggestions of your choice.

Please be aware that the number of grants is limited and competition is high. Preference will be given on the grounds of scientific excellence and the quality of the research proposal.

Further general details about the YSSP and information on submitting an application are available at IIASA's YSSP web pages. Candidates are encouraged to contact the AIR program representative, Peter Rafaj, at an early stage in their application.

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Last edited: 23 November 2017


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