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03 November 2014
Climate change: Limiting short-lived pollutants cannot buy time on CO2 mitigation

Reducing emissions of non-CO2 gases and air pollutants with climate effects would bring health benefits and near-term climate co-benefits - but the impact on long-term climate change might be lower than previously estimated, according to a new study of the potential of air pollution and carbon dioxide mitigation in climate stabilization scenarios.  More

23 September 2014
Island nations commission report on climate solutions

IIASA researchers served as key authors on a new report on climate solutions commissioned by island nations, which are poised to suffer early and greater climate impacts. The report was released at the UN Climate Summit this week.  More

08 July 2014
A blueprint for clean air

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: IIASA research underlies new European policies for reducing air pollution and tackling climate change.  More

22 June 2014
Study shows greater potential for solar power

Concentrating solar power (CSP) could supply a large fraction of the power supply in a decarbonized energy system, shows a new study of the technology and its potential practical application.  More

19 May 2014
Tying air pollution to climate scenarios

The latest IPCC report relied on four scenarios—the Representative Concentration Pathways or RCPs—to project the range of possible future greenhouse gas emissions. A new study explores how air pollution could develop under the different climate change scenarios.  More

24 March 2014
Environmental Science and Technology best policy paper of 2013

A comparison of the climate impacts of different modes of travel has been named the best policy paper of 2013 by the editors of the journal Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T). The study, conducted by MAG researcher Jens Borken-Kleefeld and colleagues from CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, was selected from all the policy-related, peer-reviewed papers published in ES&T last year.  More

11 March 2014
IIASA research underlies IPCC methodology report

How can countries count emissions from land use and land use change? IIASA research underlies a new methodology report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  More

29 January 2014
Providing science to European climate policymakers

IIASA models provided quantitative input to the recent proposal of the European Commission on climate and energy goals for 2030.  More

20 January 2014
Clearing the Arctic air

December 2013. Options Magazine, Winter 2013/2014 An IIASA study combines experiments and modeling with practical action to help cut pollution that is contributing to a warmer Arctic  More

08 January 2014
EU Commission designs new clean air policy with IIASA’s GAINS model

In December 2013, the European Commission proposed a new package of measures to reduce air pollution. Poor air quality is the number one environmental cause of premature death in the European Union. The new package is the culmination of a two year process to review and improve existing air pollution policies. IIASA’s GAINS model guided European policymakers at every step of this process.  More

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