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16 December 2013
EU Climate and Energy Strategy

As an input to the European Commission's work on a Climate and Energy Strategy for 2030, expected to be made public on 22 January 2014, IIASA has produced a new set of projections for the emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases in the 28 member states. Future mitigation potentials to reduce non-CO2 greenhouse gases in a cost-effective manner are assessed for each member state.  More

04 December 2013
Drawing Down N2O To Protect Climate and the Ozone Layer

A new UNEP Synthesis Report highlights the role of N2O, laughing gas, as a greenhouse gas and destroyer of the ozone layer, and discusses options for tackling its sources. IIASA's Wilfried Winiwarter, a lead-author of the chapter on emissions from industry and fossil fuel combustion, says: "Technical means to mitigate N2O emissions exist".  More

16 September 2013
Climate policies would help cut mercury pollution

Policies aimed at mitigating climate change would also make a substantial dent in mercury pollution by the year 2050, shows a new study from IIASA’s Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Program.  More

12 April 2013
EU Air Policy Review

As an input for the negotiations on the revision of the EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution, IIASA has again prepared a further set of reports that analyze the cost-effective scope for further air quality improvements in Europe.  More

15 March 2013
Environmental Science & Technology best science paper of 2012

The journal Environmental Science & Technology has selected a paper co-authored by MAG program leader Markus Amann as its best science paper of 2012.  More

29 January 2013
Nature Geoscience favourite

As part of the fifth anniversary celebrations of the journal Nature Geoscience, its editors have selected their ten favourite articles, including the paper on 100 years of ammonia synthesis co-authored by MAG scientists Zbigniew Klimont and Wilfried Winiwarter.  More

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