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25 November 2011
Fast action could cut near-term climate change

A new report written by an international team, including members of the IIASA GAINS project, was launched today in London ahead of next weeks COP17 climate meeting in Durban.  More

14 June 2011
New pollutant assessment urges fast action to limit warming

A new assessment, released today at a UNFCCC meeting in Bonn, identifies the complementary benefits to human health and the environment of reducing black carbon and ozone, pollutants that are also implicated in global temperature rise.  More

25 May 2011
IIASA GAINS model underpins new ozone simulator

Toyota, in collaboration with IIASA, Tsinghua University (China) and TERI (India), have developed a model to analyze and predict trophospheric ozone concentrations across South and East Asia.  More

19 May 2011
GAINS model underpins new Arctic Council report

IIASA GAINS is one of two models underpinning a new report presented at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, 12 May.  More

12 May 2011
CIAM Report 2/2011: A revised approach to the assessment of the health impact related to exposure to fine particulate matter in the GAINS model

Following new findings of epidemiological research, IIASA updated its methodology for health impact assessment from fine particulate matter to take into account differences in cause-specific mortality between countries.  More

11 April 2011
European Nitrogen Assessment released

Nitrogen pollution costs the EU between €70-€320 billion annually. This is a key finding of a new study on the impacts of N, which is essential for food production, but is contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss.  More

01 March 2011
CIAM Report 1/2011: Emission control scenarios that illustrate options for cost-effective improvements of air quality in Europe

A background report for the 48th meeting of the Working Group on Strategies and Review of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution has been prepared by IIASA to inform negotiations on the revision of the Gothenburg Protocol about the scope for further environmental improvements.  More

24 February 2011
New study outlines options for reducing black carbon and ozone

The IIASA GAINS model underpins a major assessment of options to reduce black carbon and ozone, pollutants that impact human health and climate.  More

07 February 2011
Finland studies climate change effects on natural resources

A IIASA analysis of the effects of climate change and abatement policies on the value of natural resources in Northern Europe and the Arctic Sea area was presented to the Finnish Prime Minister’s Economic Council during recent considerations of Finland’s Arctic Strategy.  More

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