Population and Health

The health and education of individuals is called human capital. Integrating education into demographic studies has been, and still is, a major focus of the World Population Program.

Recently, special attention has been placed on the health component of the population. The idea is to study the relationship between the demography represented by age and sex and human capital represented by education (educational attainment of the population) and health (e.g. self reported disability based on problems in performing activity of daily living).

A final product is to create a database of population disaggregated by age, sex, educational attainment, and disability status for all countries of the World in the past as well as projections for the future using the multi-state population projection methodology pioneered at IIASA.


KC S, Lentzner H (2010)

The effect of education on adult mortality and disability: A global perspective

Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2010, 8:201-235 (December 2010) (Published online 21 December 2010) More

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