Multimedia 2013

Audio interviews and videos featuring World Population Program researchers in 2013.

VODCAST - 01 October 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Wolfgang Lutz at the Workshop on Sustainability Science

Wolfgang Lutz at the National Academy of Sciences workshop "Sustainability Science: Can Earth’s and Society’s Systems Meet the Needs of 10 Billion People?"


VODCAST - 26 September 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

The Developmental Power of Education

Wolfgang Lutz at the talk and public discussion on "The Developmental Power of Education" on 26 September 2013 at the Centre for International Development in Vienna, Austria.


VODCAST - 01 July 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Wolfgang Lutz at the UNECE Regional Conference

Wolfgang Lutz gave a keynote presentation at the UNECE Regional Conference "Enabling Choices: Population Priorities for the 21st Century" in Geneva, 1-2 July 2013.


PODCAST - 11 June 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

BBC Shared Planet

Wolfgang Lutz on BBC Shared Planet on the topic "The Problem of Population"

Download [mp3, 13,047.0 kb]


VODCAST - 05 June 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Wolfgang Lutz at the Future Trends Forum

Between 5-7 June 2013, the Bankinter Foundation of Innovation organized a conference to discuss "Shifting Flows of Capital: Strategies for an Evolving World Economy". Based on his broad knowledge of European demography and human capital development, Wolfgang Lutz was invited to contribute the demographic perspective to the developed strategies.


PODCAST - 28 April 2013

Anne Goujon

Anne Goujon on RTS Radio Television Suisse

Anne Goujon in an interview to the RTS Radio Television Suisse on April 28th in the show “Hautes Fréquences” on projections of religion for Switzerland.

Download Hautes Frequences - Tous Minoritaire en 2030 [mp3, 53,137.9 kb]


PODCAST - 11 April 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Women and Education - Wolfgang Lutz on Reality Check Radio

Lutz spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about the importance of   women's education.

Download Wolfgang Lutz and Women's Education on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,873.8 kb]


PODCAST - 09 April 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Progress on Development - Wolfgang Lutz on Reality Check Radio

Wolfgang Lutz spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about progress on reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

Download Wolfgang Lutz and Developmnt on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,669.3 kb]


VODCAST - 17 February 2013

Wolfgang Lutz on CNBC

A New Immigration Policy for Singapore?

Wolfgang Lutz discusses the demographic challenges in Singapore and Hong Kong on CNBC


VODCAST - 13 February 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Singapore's current birth rate is ok

Wolfgang Lutz speaks about fertility data on Singapore, covered by Razor TV


PODCAST - 30 January 2013

Warren Sanderson

Airtalk with Warren Sanderson

Warren Sanderson and Phil Cafaro are discussing the question "Are human beings headed for extinction?" on Southern California Public Radio KPCC


VODCAST - 24 January 2013

Warren Sanderson

Demography of the Seven Billion

"Demography of the Seven Billion" Lecture by Dr. Warren C. Sanderson as part of the 7 Billion and You Lecture and Discussion Series at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

See the teaching and learning website for full information.


VODCAST - 15 January 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Population Europe Inter-Faces - Wolfgang Lutz

"Education is the demographic dimension that matters most for development"

An interview with Wolfgang Lutz on the importance of education in demographic development conducted by Population Europe.


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