News & Highlights 2013

19 December 2013
Investing in cleaner air in India increases people’s wellbeing

While the costs of protecting the environment are often seen as impediments to economic development, a new analysis of different measures to control air pollution in India reveals that the costs of even stringent controls are outweighed by their economic and social benefits.  More

12 December 2013
Reconceptualizing the study of population aging

Age is not just the number of years one has lived, argue IIASA population researchers. A new study from the group provides a set of tools for measuring age in all its dimensions.  More

04 December 2013
Education—not fertility—key for economic development

A new study published in the journal Demography shows that improvements in education levels around the world have been key drivers of economic growth in developing countries that has previously been attributed to declines in fertility rates.  More

02 December 2013
Tip Sheet for Journalists: Latest findings from IIASA population researchers

New findings from IIASA demography experts: The economic crisis led to increased smoking in the USA; and societies’ stereotypes of older people.  More

07 November 2013
Crime associated with higher mortality rates

People with criminal records die younger than those without, shows a comprehensive national study for Norway conducted by researchers at IIASA and Statistics Norway.  More

30 October 2013
WIC/IUSSP Call for Papers - Deadline 6 Nov 2013

Demographic Differential Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation,International Seminar inKao Lak (Phang Nga), Thailand, 23-25 April 2014  More

23 September 2013
Before the storm

September, 2013: When disaster hits, the way people respond is a matter of life and death—and that response depends strongly on how prepared people are. New IIASA research highlights the role of education in surviving hurricanes.  More

02 September 2013
Media Appointments: Austria’s population challenges

IIASA population program leader and Wittgenstein Center director Wolfgang Lutz speaks to reporters and the general public at several events this month. Lutz is also available for one-on-one interviews. For details please contact the IIASA press office.  More

21 August 2013
How personality affects fertility

A new study from IIASA population researchers finds a link between men’s and women’s personalities and the likelihood that they will have children.  More

01 July 2013
Population changes provide opportunities for development

Current population changes in much of the developed world present an opportunity, not a threat, according to a new report produced by IIASA, which underlies discussions this week at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Beyond 2014 conference.  More

25 April 2013
Vienna in 2050

In 2050, the Viennese will likely live longer and work longer, according to new findings from the Austrian Future.Monitor project, a population-based effort to project the future development of Austria and Vienna.  More

08 April 2013
POPNET Newsletter 44, Winter 2012/13

The latest issue of IIASA's POPNET newsletter provides a brief overview of last years highlights at the World Population Program  More

04 April 2013
UN Human Development Report relies on IIASA projections

IIASA population and education projections underlie the United Nations Human Development Report 2013, which shows development gains in the Southern Hemisphere during the last several years.  More

26 March 2013
IIASA advises on post-2015 development goals

From 25-27 March, IIASA researchers joined other academic experts in Bali to advise a high-level panel of international policymakers on the post-2015 development agenda.  More

18 March 2013
Wolfgang Lutz elected to Leopoldina

IIASA World Population Program Leader Wolfgang Lutz has been elected to the Leopoldina- German National Academy of Sciences.  More

26 February 2013
Singapore: Population under pressure

February, 2013: A trip to Singapore by IIASA Population Program Leader Wolfgang Lutz has stirred up debate and discussion in the tiny island country, which faces rising immigration and falling fertility rates.  More

21 February 2013
WIC 5-year Report

The Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital publishes a summary of its achievements  More

13 February 2013
IIASA population researchers in Singapore

This February, IIASA World Population Program Leader Wolfgang Lutz takes his research to Singapore—sharing new insights on population issues in Singapore, Asia, and the world.  More

06 February 2013
Education: Preparation for the unexpected

February, 2013: Education is the single most important socioeconomic factor affecting people’s vulnerability to natural disasters, both regionally and globally, according to new IIASA research.  More

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