Patsy Haccou

Patsy Haccou joined the Adaptive Dynamics Network in April 2001 to finish writing and editing a book on branching processes in biology, together with Peter Jagers (Chalmers University, Gothenburg), Vladimir Vatutin (Steklov Institute, Moscow) and various invited authors.
Patsy Haccou

Patsy Haccou

Dr. Haccou received her PhD in 1987 in mathematical biology from Leiden University, where she now has a tenured position as senior lecturer. Her main research interests and specialization are, on the biological side, in behavioral biology, evolutionary biology, and ecology. On the mathematical side her background and main interest are in probability theory, especially the theory of stochastic processes. Combining these elements, she has worked on Markov chain modeling of behavioral data and the development of statistical methods based on such models (this was the subject of her thesis); the application of survival analysis methods and models to study predation risk and foraging behavior; development of game theoretic models (generalized wars of attrition) for studying patch leaving under competition; the effects of temporal environmental fluctuations on optimal mixed strategies and on extinction risk of small populations.


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