Jacob Johansson

Jacob Johansson joined the Evolution and Ecology Program as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in May 2008.
Jacob Johansson

Jacob Johansson

He is developing eco-evolutionary models for explaining fundamental patterns of variation in plant community structure. The project is a part of an international collaborative effort to create a new generation of evolutionarily informed vegetation models for predicting responses to global climatic trends. 

Dr. Johansson studied biology, mathematics, and modeling at Lund University, where he received his master’s degree in 2003 and his doctorate in 2008. His PhD thesis, “Evolving Ecological Communities in Changing Environments” was supervised by Jörgen Ripa and Per Lundberg at the Department of Theoretical Ecology in Lund. Dr. Johansson participated in the Young Scientists Summer Program 2004 in the EEP program, where he studied food web evolution.

Phone: +43 2236 807 345 
Fax: +43 2236 807 466
Room: S-150

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