Esben Moland Olsen

Esben Moland Olsen started working at IIASA in December 2002 in the Adaptive Dynamics Network Project.
Esben Moland Olsen

Esben Moland Olsen

He had a postdoctoral position within the European Modlife project, where he was working on life-history evolution in exploited fish populations. Specifically, the focus was on how age and size at maturity may evolve as a response to high fishing pressure over many generations.

Dr. Olsen studied biology at the University of Oslo, Norway. He obtained a master's degree in marine biology in 1996, and a Ph.D. in evolutionary ecology in 2000. His dissertation work was on life-history variation in the brown trout. Much of the study focused on modeling variation in survival from data on individually marked trout. During 2001-2002 Dr. Olsen worked partly as a researcher for the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR), and partly as a lecturer in ecology and evolution at the University of Oslo.

Dr. Olsen's main research interest is in aquatic biology, particularly life history evolution and how life history traits evolve in different mortality regimes.

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