Anna Gårdmark

Anna Gårdmark visited IIASA several times during 2000 to study adaptations in fish populations induced by fisheries together with Dr. Dieckmann, thanks to a grant from the Theoretical Biology of Adaptation program of the European Scientific Foundation.
Anna Gårdmark

Anna Gårdmark

Ms. Gårdmark returned to IIASA in 2001 as a participant in the Young Scientists Summer Program and was awarded the Peccei Scholarship for her work on evolutionary responses of interacting fish stocks to fishing.

Ms. Gårdmark studied Biology and Environmental sciences at Lund University, Sweden, where she completed a Master's degree in Ecology in 1998 and a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences in 1999 at the International Master's Program for Environmental Science (LUMES). She is currently a PhD student in Theoretical Ecology at Lund University visiting the Population Biology Division at Uppsala University. She is a part-time senior scientist at the Institute of Coastal Research (of the National Board of Fisheries) in Öregrund, Sweden.

Ms. Anna Gårdmark's field of interest is how species-interactions influence the evolution and population dynamics of exploited populations, in particular effects on life-history evolution, on community dynamics and spatial effects.


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