Angeles de Cara

Angeles de Cara joined the Adaptive Dynamics Network in February 2003 as a postdoctoral fellow. There she worked with Ulf Dieckmann on sympatric speciation by sexual selection, specifically on the effect of spatial structure into models of speciation.
Angeles de Cara

Angeles de Cara

She studied Physics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in 1997. She started her PhD in 1998 in an interdisciplinary project with physicist Francisco Guinea and biologist Fernando Hiraldo, funded by the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Her PhD involved the study of the ``Minority Game'', a Statistical Physics model to explain agents behaviour on a shares market, and its application to avian coloniality. She received her PhD in April 2003.

During her PhD period she worked for one year at the University of Oxford, where became interested in evolutionary problems. Her participation in the YSSP programme in 2002 gave her the opportunity to finally focus on the problem of speciation models and spatial structure.

Dr. de Cara's fields of interest are in Statistical Physics (minority game, networks) and Evolutionary Ecology, specifically the influence of space in biological processes.

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