EEP Publications

Hui C, Richardson DM, Landi P, Minoarivelo HO, Garnas J, Roy HE (2016)

Defining invasiveness and invasibility in ecological networks

Biological Invasions, Article in press (published online 20 February 2016) More

Falster DS, FitzJohn RG, Braennstroem A, Dieckmann U, Westoby M (2016)

plant: A package for modelling forest trait ecology and evolution

Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 7(2):136-146 [February 2016] More

Metz JAJ, Geritz SAH (2016)

Frequency dependence 3.0: an attempt at codifying the evolutionary ecology perspective

Journal of Mathematical Biology, 72(4):1011-1037 [March 2016] (Published online 1 February 2016) More

Mollet FM, Dieckmann U, Rijnsdorp AD (2016)

Reconstructing the effects of fishing on life-history evolution in North Sea plaice Pleuronectes platessa

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 542:195-208 [January 2016] More

Lindh M, Johansson J, Bolmgren K, Lundstroem NLP, Jonzen N (2016)

Constrained growth flips the direction of optimal phenological responses among annual plants

New Phytologist, 209(4):1591-1599 [March 2016] (Published online 9 November 2015) More

Metz JAJ, Stankova K, Johansson J (2016)

The canonical equation of adaptive dynamics for life histories: from fitness-returns to selection gradients and Pontryagin's maximum principle

Journal of Mathematical Biology, 72(4):1125-1152 [March 2016] (Published online 19 November 2015) More

Geritz SAH, Metz JAJ, Rueffler C (2016)

Mutual invadability near evolutionarily singular strategies for multivariate traits, with special reference to the strongly convergence stable case

Journal of Mathematical Biology, 72(4):1081-1099 [March 2016] (Published online 28 November 2015) More

Evans S, Dieckmann U, Franklin O, Kaiser C (2016)

Synergistic effects of diffusion and microbial physiology reproduce the Birch effect in a micro-scale model

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 93:28-37 [February 2016] (Published online 7 November 2015) More

Ficker H, Mazzucco R, Gassner H, Wanzenboeck J, Dieckmann U (2016)

Stocking strategies for a pre-alpine whitefish population under temperature stress

Ecological Modelling, 320:170-176 [January 2016] (Published online 11 November 2015) More

Rinaldi S, Della Rossa F, Dercole F, Gragnani A, Landi P (2016)

Modeling Love Dynamics

World Scientific, Singapore [January 2016] More

Heino M, Diaz Pauli B, Dieckmann U (2015)

Fisheries-induced evolution

Annual Reviews - Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 46:461-480 [December 2015] (Published online 23 October 2015) More

Kaiser C, Franklin O, Richter A, Dieckmann U (2015)

Social dynamics within decomposer communities lead to nitrogen retention and organic matter build-up in soils

Nature Communications, 6:8960 [December 2015] More

Castellani M, Heino M, Gilbey J, Araki H, Svasand T, Glover KA (2015)

IBSEM: an individual-based Atlantic salmon population model

PLoS ONE, 10(9):e0138444 [September 2015] More

Nonaka E, Svanbaeck R, Thibert-Plante X, Englund G, Brannstrom A (2015)

Mechanisms by which phenotypic plasticity affects adaptive divergence and ecological speciation

American Naturalist, 186(5):E126-E143 [November 2015] More

Rinaldi S, Landi P, Della Rossa F (2015)

Temporary bluffing can be rewarding in social systems: the case of romantic relationships

Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 39(3):203-220 (July 2015) More

Della Rossa F, Dercole F, Landi P (2015)

The branching bifurcation of Adaptive Dynamics

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 25(7):1540001 (June 2015) More

Shanafelt DW, Dieckmann U, Jonas M, Franklin O, Loreau M, Perrings C (2015)

Biodiversity, productivity, and the spatial insurance hypothesis revisited

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 380:426-435 (September 2015) (Published online 20 June 2015) More

Hilbe C, Traulsen A, Sigmund K (2015)

Partners or rivals? Strategies for the iterated prisoner's dilemma

Games and Economic Behavior, 92:41-52 (July 2015) More

Zhang L, Andersen KH, Dieckmann U, Brannstrom A (2015)

Four types of interference competition and their impacts on the ecology and evolution of size-structured populations and communities

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 380:280-290 (September 2015) (Published online 27 May 2015) More

Bednarik P, Schultze T (2015)

The effectiveness of imperfect weighting in advice taking

Judgment and Decision Making, 10(3):265-276 (May 2015) More

Wang X, Chen X, Wang L (2015)

Evolutionary dynamics of fairness on graphs with migration

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 380:103-114 (September 2015)(Published online 22 May 2015) More

Mazzucco R, Van Nguyen T, Kim D-H, Chon T-S, Dieckmann U (2015)

Adaptation of aquatic insects to the current flow in streams

Ecological Modelling, 309-310:143-152 (August 2015) More

Siren A, Parvinen K (2015)

A spatial bioeconomic model of the harvest of wild plants and animals

Ecological Economics, 116:201-210 (August 105) (Published online 15 May 2015) More

Sasaki T, Okada I (2015)

Cheating is evolutionarily assimilated with cooperation in the continuous snowdrift game

Biosystems, 131:51-59 (May 2015)(Published online 11 April 2015) More

Diaz Pauli B, Wiech M, Heino M, Utne-Palm AC (2015)

Opposite selection on behavioural types by active and passive fishing gears in a simulated guppy Poecilia reticulata fishery

Journal of Fish Biology, 86(3):1030-1045 (March 2015) (Published online 26 Jannuary 2015) More

Kaito C, Dieckmann U, Sasaki A, Takasu F (2015)

Beyond pairs: definition and interpretation of third-order structure in spatial point patterns

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 372:22-38 (May 2015) (Published online 10 February 2015) More

Skilbrei OT, Heino M, Svasand T (2015)

Using simulated escape events to assess the annual numbers and destinies of escaped farmed Atlantic salmon of different life stages from farm sites in Norway

ICES journal of Marine Science, 72(2):670-685 (Febraury 2015) (Published online 9 August 2014) More

Sjoedin H, Brannstrom A, Englund G (2015)

Space race functional responses

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 282(1801):20142121 (January 2015) More

Chen X, Sasaki T, Brannstrom A, Dieckmann U (2015)

First carrot, then stick: how the adaptive hybridization of incentives promotes cooperation

Interface, 12(102):20140935 (January 2015) (Published online 3 December 2014) More

Marty L, Dieckmann U, Ernande B (2015)

Fisheries-induced neutral and adaptive evolution in exploited fish populations and consequences for their adaptive potential

Evolutionary Applications, 8(1):47-63 (January 2015)(Published online 15 October 2014) More

Lee J-H, Sigmund K, Dieckmann U, Iwasa Y (2015)

Games of corruption: How to suppress illegal logging

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 367:1-13 (February 2015) (Published online 7 November 2014) More

Fronhofer EA, Poethke HJ, Dieckmann U (2015)

Evolution of dispersal distance: Maternal investment leads to bimodal dispersal kernels

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 365:270-279 (21 January 2015) (Published online 5 November 2014) More

Landi P, Hui C, Dieckmann U (2015)

Fisheries-induced disruptive selection

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 365:204-216 (21 January 2015) (Published online 24 October 2014) More

Yashima K, Sasaki A (2015)

Epidemic dynamics of infectious disease in metropolitan area and its optimal intervention strategy

Proceedings, 4th IFAC Conference on Analysis and Control of Chaotic Systems (CHAOS 2015), T. Oguchi (Ed)
26-28 August 2015 Tokyo, Japan [2015] More

Sigmund K, Hilbe C (2015)

Game theory

IIASA Interim Report IR-12-069 (00 15) More

Seppaenen A, Parvinen K (2014)

Evolution of density-dependent cooperation

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 76(12):3070-3087 (December 2014) (Published online 12 September 2014) More

Rinaldi S, Della Rossa F, Landi P (2014)

A mathematical model of Pride and Prejudice

Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, 18(2):199-211 (April 2014) More

Parvinen K (2014)

Metapopulation dynamics and the evolution of sperm parasitism

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 9(3):124-137 (January 2014) (Pulished online 30 May 2014) More

Dercole F, Rinaldi S (2014)

Love stories can be unpredictable: Jules et Jim in the vortex of life

Chaos, 24(2):023134 (June 2014) More

Frank AB, Goud Collins M, Levin SA, Lo AW, Ramo J, Dieckmann U, Kremenyuk V, Kryazhimskiy AV, Linnerooth-Bayer J, Ramalingam B, Roy JS, Saari DG, Thurner S, von Winterfeldt D (2014)

Dealing with femtorisks in international relations

PNAS, 111(49):17356-17362 (9 December 2014) (Published online 17 November 2014) More

Nonaka E, Brannstrom A, Svanback R (2014)

Assortative mating can limit the evolution of phenotypic plasticity

Evolutionary Ecology, 28(6):1057-1074 (November 2014) (Published online 22 July 2014) More

Chen X, Szolnoki A, Perc M (2014)

Probabilistic sharing solves the problem of costly punishment

New Journal of Physics, 16:083016 (7 August 2014) More

Hartig F, Muenkenmueller T, Johst K, Dieckmann U (2014)

On the sympatric evolution and evolutionary stability of coexistence by relative nonlinearity of competition

PLoS ONE, 9(9):e94454 (3 September 2014) More

Lindh M, Zhang L, Falster D, Franklin O, Brannstrom A (2014)

Plant diversity and drought: The role of deep roots

Ecological Modelling, 290:85-93 (24 October 2014) (Published online 27 June 2014) More

Ito HC, Dieckmann U (2014)

Evolutionary branching under slow directional evolution

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 360:290-314 (7 November 2014) (Published online 5 September 2013) More

Galis F, Carrier DR, van Alphen J, van der Mije SD, Van Dooren TJM, Metz JAJ, ten Broek CMA (2014)

Fast running restricts evolutionary change of the vertebral column in mammals

PNAS, 111(31):11401-11406 (5 August 2014) (Published online 14 July 2014) More

Yamamichi M, Yoshida T, Sasaki A (2014)

Timing and propagule size of invasion determine its success by a time-varying threshold of demographic regime shift

Ecology, 95(8):2303-2315 (August 2014) More

Sasaki T (2014)

The evolution of cooperation through institutional incentives and optional participation

Dynamic Games and Applications, 4(3):345-362 (September 2014) (Published online 17 August 2013) More

Boukal DS, Dieckmann U, Enberg K, Heino M, Jorgensen C (2014)

Life-history implications of the allometric scaling of growth

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 359:199-207 (21 October 2014) (Published online 27 May 2014) More

Yashima K, Sasaki A (2014)

Epidemic process over the commute network in a metropolitan area

PLoS ONE, 9(6):e98518 (6 June 2014) (Published online 27 June 2014) More

Gupta A, Metz JAJ, Tran VC (2014)

A new proof for the convergence of an individual based model to the trait substitution sequence

Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, 131(1):1-27 (June 2014) (Published online 28 September 2013) More

Zhang B, Li C, De Silva H, Bednarik P, Sigmund K (2014)

The evolution of sanctioning institutions: An experimental approach to the social contract

Experimental Economics, 17(2):285-303 (June 2014) (Published online 1 June 2013) More

Kaiser C, Franklin O, Dieckmann U, Richter A (2014)

Microbial community dynamics alleviate stoichiometric constraints during litter decay

Ecology Letters, 17(6):680-690 (June 2014) (Published online 17 March 2014) More

Wang X, Chen X, Wang L (2014)

Random allocation of pies promotes the evolution of fairness in the Ultimatum Game

Scientific Reports, 4:4534 (1 April 2014) More

Ficker H, Mazzucco R, Gassner H, Wanzenboeck J, Dieckmann U (2014)

Fish length exclusively determines sexual maturation in the European whitefish Coregonus lavaretus species complex

Journal of Fish Biology, 84(4):1164-1170 (April 2014) (Published online 5 February 2014) More

Chen X, Perc M (2014)

Excessive abundance of common resources deters social responsibility selection experiments teach us about fisheries-induced evolution?

Scientific Reports, 4:4161 (24 February 2014) More

Diaz Pauli B, Heino M (2014)

What can selection experiments teach us about fisheries-induced evolution?

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 111(3):485-503 (March 2014) (Published online 17 February 2014) More

Marty L, Rochet M-J, Ernande B (2014)

Temporal trends in age and size at maturation of four North Sea gadid species: Cod, haddock, whiting and Norway pout

Marine Ecology Progress Series (MEPS), 497:179-197 (5 February 2014) More

Ammunet T, Klemola T, Parvinen K (2014)

Consequences of asymmetric competition between resident and invasive defoliators: A novel empirically based modelling approach

Theoretical Population Biology, 92:107-117 (March 2014) (Published online 28 December 2013) More

Liu X, Heino M (2014)

Overlooked biological and economic implications of within-season fishery dynamics

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 71(2):181-188 (February 2014) (Published online 9 October 2013) More

Kendall NW, Dieckmann U, Heino M, Punt AE, Quinn TP (2014)

Evolution of age and length at maturation of Alaskan salmon under size-selective harvest

Evolutionary Applications, 7(2):313-322 (February 2014) (Published online 12 November 2013) More

Sasaki T, Uchida S (2014)

Rewards and the evolution of cooperation in public good games

Biology Letters, 10(1):20130903 (January 2014) (Published online 29 January 2014) More

Mpolya EA, Yashima K, Ohtsuki H, Sasaki A (2014)

Epidemic dynamics of a vector-borne disease on a villages-and-city star network with commuters

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 343:120-126 (21 February 2014) (Published online 7 December 2013) More

Sjoedin H, Brannstrom A, Soederquist M, Englund G (2014)

Population-level consequences of heterospecific density-dependent movements in predator-prey systems

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 342:93-106 (7 February 2014) (Published online 21 September 2013) More

Laugen AT, Engelhard GH, Whitlock R, Matsumura S, Nussle S, Urbach D, Baulier R, Boukal DS, Ernande B, Johnston FD, Mollet F, Heino M, Rijnsdorp AD, Dieckmann U et al. (2014)

Evolutionary impact assessment: Accounting for evolutionary consequences of fishing in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management

Fish and Fisheries, 15(1):65-96 (March 2014) (Published online 20 December 2012) More

Koranda M, Kaiser C, Fuchslueger L, Kitzler B, Sessitsch A, Zechmeister-Boltenstern S, Richter A (2014)

Fungal and bacterial utilization of organic substrates depends on substrate complexity and N availability

FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 87(1):142-152 (January 2014) (Published online 1 October 2013) More

Fischer B, van Doorn GS, Dieckmann U (2014)

The evolution of age-dependent plasticity

The American Naturalist, 183(1):108-125 (January 2014) (Published online 12 November 2013) More

Shen G, Heino M (2014)

An overview of marine fisheries management in China

Marine Policy, 44:265-272 (February 2014) (Published online 8 October 2013) More

Heino M (2014)

Quantitative traits


Galis F, Carrier DR, van Alphen J, van der Mije SD, Van Dooren TJM, Metz HJAJ, ten Broek CMA (2014)

Fast running restricts evolutionary change of the vertebral column in mammals

IIASA Interim Report IR-14-029 (00 14) More

Dercole F, Rinaldi S (2014)

Love stories can be unpredictable: Jules et Jim in the vortex of life

IIASA Interim Report IR-14-025 (00 14) More

Chen X, Szolnoki A, Perc M (2014)

Probabilistic sharing solves the problem of costly punishment

IIASA Interim Report IR-14-024 (00 14) More

Chen X, Perc M (2014)

Excessive abundance of common resources deters social responsibility

IIASA Interim Report IR-14-023 (00 14) More

Ammunet T, Klemola T, Parvinen K (2014)

Consequesnces of asymmetric competition between resident and invasive defoliators: a novel empirically based modelling approach

IIASA Interim Report IR-14-022 (00 14) More

Fischer B, van Doorn GS, Dieckmann U (2014)

The evolution of age-dependent plasticity

IIASA Interim Report IR-13-032 (00 14) More

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The hitchhiker's guide to adaptive dynamics

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Small discoveries can have great consequences in love affairs: The case of Beauty and The Beast

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Branching scenarios in eco-evolutionary prey-predator models

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Resource heterogeneity can facilitate cooperation

Nature Communications, 4:2453 (3 October 2013) More

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On the convergence of the Escalator Boxcar Train

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 51(6):3213-3231 More

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Three modes of adaptive speciation in spatially structured populations

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Mixed strategy under generalized public goods games

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Limiting similarity, species packing, and the shape of competition kernels

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Adaptive phenotypic diversification along a temperature-depth gradient

The American Naturalist, 182(3):359-373 (September 2013) More

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Reputation-based mutual selection rule promotes cooperation in spatial threshold public goods games

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 56:181-187 (November 2013) More

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Effect of assessment error and private information on stern-judging in indirect reciprocity

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 56:175-180 (November 2013) More

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The importance of social dimension and maturation stage for the probabilistic maturation reaction norm in Poecilia reticulata

Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 26(10):2184-2196 (October 2013) (Published online 13 August 2013) More

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Evolutionary branching in complex landscapes

The American Naturalist, 182(4):E127-E141 (October 2013) (Published online 16 August 2013) More

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The canonical equation of adaptive dynamics for Mendelian diploids and haplo-diploids

Interface Focus, 3(6):20130025 (6 December 2013) (Published online 25 October 2013) More

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Abrupt community transitions and cyclic evolutionary dynamics in complex food webs

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 337(21):181-189 (21 November 2013) (Published online 12 August 2013) More

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Nitrogen dynamics in Turbic Cryosols from Siberia and Greenland

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 67:85-93 (December 2013) (Published online 20 August 2013) More

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Function-valued adaptive dynamics and optimal control theory

Journal of Mathematical Biology, 67(3):509-533 (September, 2013) (Published online 5 July 2012) More

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A rigorous model study of the adaptive dynamics of Mendelian diploids

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Social selection of game organizers promotes cooperation in spatial public goods games

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Can fisheries-induced evolution shift reference points for fisheries management?

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70(4):707-721 (July 2013) More

Zimmermann F, Heino M (2013)

Is size-dependent pricing prevalent in fisheries? The case of Norwegian demersal and pelagic fisheries

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70(7):1389-1395 (November 2013) (Published online 24 August 2013) More

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Shared rewarding overcomes defection traps in generalized volunteer's dilemmas

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 335:13-21 (21 October 2013) More

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Fish life history, angler behaviour and optimal management of recreational fisheries

Fish and Fisheries, 14(4):554-579 (December 2013) (Published online 26 Juy 2012) More

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Economic repercussions of fisheries-induced evolution

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Diaz Pauli B, Heino M (2013)

Ecological and evolutionary effects of harvesting: Lessons from the candy-fish experiment

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70(7):1281-1286 (November 2013) More

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