2011 News and Events

28 November 2011
Saving lives and protecting our climate through clean cooking options

How to respond to the serious health and environmental concerns related to dependence on dirty cooking fuels is the focus of a Special Issue of the journal Energy Policy.  More

13 November 2011
Climate policies can resolve energy and air pollution challenges

Policies to protect the global climate offer the most effective entry point for achieving energy sustainability, simultaneously reducing air pollution and improving energy security. By integrating climate and energy policies, major synergies and cost co-benefits can be realized.  More

31 October 2011
Global Energy Perspectives: Decarbonization and Efficiency Revolution

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Austrian Embassy hosted a lecture by IIASA’s Nebojsa Nakicenovic on 31 Oct in Washington, DC. Nakicenovic discussed the technological, institutional, and policy initiatives required to achieve universal energy access, decarbonization, and efficiency improvements. The multiple co-benefits of such energy transformations were also outlined.  More

23 October 2011
Feasible emission scenarios to limit temperature rise

A comprehensive re-analysis of GHG emission pathways finds that in scenarios that limit temperature change to below 2°C, emissions peak before 2020 then fall to 41-46 GtC and continue to fall. Global emissions are currently 48 GtC and rising.  More

10 October 2011
New UN Group to implement Sustainable Energy for All initiative

Nebojsa Nakicenovic has been appointed to the Technical Group of the UN Secretary-General’s (SG) High-level Group on Sustainable Energy for All.  More

27 September 2011
Details underpinning global climate scenarios published

A Special Issue of Climatic Change, co-edited by IIASA’s Keywan Riahi, outlines four new scenarios of future emissions of GHGs, air pollutants, and land-use change, which will be used by the climate modeling community to develop the next generation of climate simulations.  More

01 September 2011
Energy security and energy access - interconnected global challenges

Energy access and energy security are critical issues for policymakers globally, affecting livelihoods in the developed and the developing world.  More

29 June 2011
Developing a sustainable development framework for RIO+20

IIASA’s Energy program and the UN DESA hosted an Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Development Scenarios for the 21st Century (27–29 June), in preparation for the RIO+20 Summit.  More

21 June 2011
Energy access and efficiency focus of Vienna Energy Forum

Universal access to modern energy services and increasing energy efficiency were key issues addressed at the Vienna Energy Forum, 21–23 June. A  More

08 June 2011
New technologies needed to combat global warming

IIASA Deputy Director and energy economist Nebojsa Nakicenovic has co-edited, with Yale University’s William Nordhaus, a special issue of the journal Energy Economics that contains a collection of articles on, “The economics of technologies to combat global warming.”  More

24 May 2011
IIASA participates in Austrian Delegation

Nebojsa Nakicenovic joined the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research Delegation to Buenos Aires (24-26 May).  More

10 May 2011
IPCC Special Report on renewable energy sources

IIASA’s Volker Krey, Keywan Riahi, Yu Nagai and several GEA Lead Authors are among contributors to the IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy, the Summary of which was approved by governments at the 11th session of IPCC Working Group III, 5-8 May.  More

14 April 2011
Global Energy Assessment briefing to UN Ambassadors

Nebojsa Nakicenovic presented preliminary findings of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA) to UN Ambassadors from 26 countries who have formed the ‘Group of Friends of Sustainable Energy for All’.  More

07 April 2011
New options for achieving a climate-compatible society

The German Advisory Council on Climate Change presented its new report, "World in Transition - A Social Contract for Sustainability," to the German Federal Government. The writing team, including IIASA’s Nebojsa Nakicenovic and Niels Schulz, outline recommendations on how to achieve a climate-compatible society.  More

04 March 2011
Hedging against disaster: pooled risk management for megacities

By 2030 some 500 million Asians are expected to live in megacities - urban areas with populations exceeding 10 million - that are at risk from earthquakes, cyclones, and flooding.  More

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