10 August 2012 - 15 September 2012

Geo-Wiki Competition

The latest Geo-Wiki competition ends September 15. Join IIASA researchers online to help classify land cover for climate change, land use, and food security research.

The Geo-Wiki Project is a crowdsourcing tool used to collect information on global land cover, with the help of citizen scientists. While there are huge data sets of satellite imagery, these don't always match up with each other or with what people see on the ground. The Geo-Wiki project works with a global network of volunteers who classify land cover visually, based on satellite imagery. 

The latest competition focuses on a global sample of validation points that volunteers will classify using Google Earth. The top 10 classifiers will be invited to join the researchers as co-authors on a scientific publication. For more information, visit the Geo-Wiki Competition Web site, or find us on Facebook.

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Last edited: 06 September 2012


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