Biomass Role in Achieving the Climate Change & Renewable EU Targets, Demand and Supply Dynamics under the Perspective of Stakeholders (BIOMASSFutures)

The Biomass Futures Project assess the role that biomass can play in meeting EU energy policy targets. It develops tailored information packages for stakeholders, as well as inform and support policy makers at both the European and national levels.


The lack of clear 'real-time' answers to critical questions about the merits of bioenergy and the sustainable role it can play in future energy systems poses a significant risk for development of policy frameworks and binding targets. The provision of validated, up-to-date, quantitative information for the supply and demand dynamics is therefore of vital importance.

The objective of BIOMASSFutures was to use modelling frameworks in order to inform policy with quantitative information on the role biomass can play to meet the GHG emission reduction targets and the RES-D targets included in the Climate Action and Renewables Policy Package of the European Commission (as adopted by the European Parliament on December 17, 2008). 

To do so, the project worked through a series of interrelated work packages in order to provide a better understanding of bioenergy demand and supply dynamics, and to what extend and how a sustainable production and use of domestic and imported biomass sources can contribute to EU27 energy needs.

The project defined the key factors likely to influence biomass supply, demand and uptake over the next twenty years (meeting the RED targets). Among other factors, partners examined the EU heat, electricity-CHP and transport markets; supply and demand dynamics; the effects of indirect land use change, water use and social aspects on future biomass supply, etc.

The project was executed in close collaboration with key stakeholders to identify sustainable options for bioenergy development and deployment to the year 2030, and to increase awareness about the opportunities and the risks, and how these can be addressed. 

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Last edited: 28 May 2014


01.06.2009 - 31.03.2012

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