Projects supported by SAF in 2016

Economic migration, capital flows, and welfare ASA & POP
FRED - Freedom, Emergence and Dimensions: Exploring contributions from Ergodic Theory of Chaos to Systems Analysis ESM & ASA
Navigating the Pareto front: Understanding economic-environmental tradeoffs under value diversity among stakeholders EEP, ASA & ESM
Integrated assessment tools as multi-layer networks MAG, WAT & ASA
A big-data approach to systemic risk in very large financial networks RISK & ASA
Simulation games as new methods for understanding stakeholder interaction and decision making in complex systems RISK, WAT & ASA
Accounting for behavioral spillovers in the global adoption of sustainable technologies and lifestyles: toward next-generation scenario modeling ENE & TNT
Systems thinking for transformation - a scoping and prototyping project CLM, ESM, RISK & DI

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Last edited: 22 February 2017


Elena Rovenskaya

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Advanced Systems Analysis

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Ulf Dieckmann

Program Director

Evolution and Ecology


Capacity Building and Academic Training

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International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
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